easy child in the ER with-hallucinations

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    I spoke with-easy child around 4:45 this afternoon. She had severe swollen glands, a cold, and fever and chills. Uh-oh. H1N1, I thought. I asked her about fluids and how she would get to them from her top bunk. She said she'd drink the many bottles of water she had lined up on the board behind her pillow.
    Scared the @*%%#*@&! out of me, since we'd just spoken to two people today who have friends in ICU with-H1N1, and difficult child's football coach, who had to drive to NC to check his son into the ER with-H1N1, where the virus had evolved into bronchitis and bacterial pneumonia. They treated him quickly with-IV fluids and antibiotics and he is fine now. The virus quickly turns into bronchitis and then bacterial pneumonia, within 24 hrs, and then you go into a coma.
    We never got the shots, because they were so widely distributed that they contain extra preservatives of thimerisol and formaldehyde. It's a risk-benefit ratio.

    H1N1 Flu Vaccine Risks
    The biggest risks with the new H1N1 flu vaccine are its use of squalene and mercury thimerosal, which are linked to autoimmune and neurological disorders.

    The H1N1 vaccine ingredients includes chicken embryos, formaldehyde, squalene adjuvant, thimerosal (a mercury derivative), polysorbate 80 (a carcinogenic preservative) and aluminum adjuvant among others.

    easy child promptly fell asleep (translation: no fluids)... Until she woke up with-body tremors, hallucinations (spiders) and a fever of 102.9. She told me how hard she tried to reason her way out of the hallucinations and then she couldn't figure out if she was asleep or awake.

    Her roommate called an ambulance, and easy child said it was interesting trying to get her down from the top bunk. She sat on the floor, too dizzy to stand, until they brought up a stretcher, and took her straight to the hospital.
    They tested her for H1N1. Negative.

    They couldn't find an arm vein because she was so dehydrated, so they used the back of her hand. She got saline, glucose, a fever reducer and pain killer in the IV for about an hr, and felt much better. The dr said she had a stomach virus. Say what? She told me she never lost her appetite. (Then again, she's a college student!)

    They released her with-a temp of 98.6 and two scrips.

    I woke up around 3 a.m. and called her. When she found out I hadn't gotten any msgs, she told me my motherly instincts were good ... she'd just gotten back into bed. "Was I supposed to get the prescriptions filled?" she asked. "Yes ... the ER has a 24-hr pharmacy."
    Turns out her roommate had left 2 msgs on my ofc phone but I never heard the ph ring. If she had left the msgs on the main house phone, I would have heard. Oh well. The good news is, she stayed with-easy child the entire time at the hospital. S. wins Roommate of the Year Award.

    I didn't want to awaken husband, since everything turned out fine. I wrote him a long note and left it in the kitchen near the coffee pot.

    Now, if only I could get back to sleep ...

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    Wow! Get her some of those doctor masks to wear so she DOESN'T get H1N1 now - can you imagine getting it now on top of her current weakness!

    Glad she is back to the room and getting proper attention from Roommate of the Year!
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    WOW - that was very scary T. I'm glad to hear easy child is feeling a little bit better. I 2nd the nomination for Roommate of the year.

    GET WELL SOON easy child!!!

    Thanks for the information about the vaccine side-effects. I found out I can't take it anyway (allergies) but it's good to know your choices.
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    Wow, scary! Get well soon easy child.

    Yesterday my easy child was told that her illness that she has had since last Thursday is a strain of the H1N1 and one of her symptoms was hallucinations as well. Her Dr never officially tested her, however, so I doubt very much it was the H1N1. A flu, yes, the swine>doubtful. My easy child's immune system is horrid and her Dr told her so. Gave her 2 scripts for the infection in her lung and told her to push massive amounts of fluids.

    I hope your easy child didn't pick anything up at the Er, but so grateful that her roommate had the sense to take her!!!
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    How very scary! That roommate deserves a medal :D I hope she gets over this bug quickly and stays healthy for a long while.
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    Yes, I'm thinking of making up a certificate and mailing it to her roommate for fun.

    by the way, the roommate didn't drive her; she called an ambulance. Quite the scene.
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    So glad she is safe a on the road to recovery!