PCs 1st day of school started out with-a bang

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    She awoke to find one of her new roommates, C, an Aspie, starting at her. Just staring as she slept. C, in the brief time they've been together, seems have to come up with-this habit of staring at easy child while she studies, while she sleeps, while she does anything. She also only goes into the room when easy child is there. If it's just the other roommate, S, then C won't go in.
    easy child finally told her that it's bad social ettiquette to stare at someone for more than a minute. "What were you looking at?"
    "I just like looking at you."
    I don't know how they're going to handle the not-going-in-the-room issue. C is severely limiting herself if she only goes in when easy child is there. They're going to have to have a talk. (One of many this yr, I'm sure.)

    easy child had a fire drill in the middle of her stained glass class. (She's dbl majoring in art and psychiatric.)
    They all went outside and saw flames shooting out of the roof. It wasn't a drill. Someone was doing repair work on the foundation and something went awry.
    Her ceramics class tomorrow may be cancelled, depending upon the damage. I'm glad she's working with-glass and ceramics this semester instead of drawing. At least she has a chance of rescuing some of the supplies we bought.

    Then she went on Facebook and discovered that her former roommate had de-friended her, as well as their third roommate, S. easy child called former roommate (who flunked out) on the phone, roommate refused to speak to easy child, and handed the ph to her mother.
    Most of the conversation consisted of "You should know what you did."

    easy child asked around and discovered that it was because former roommate said easy child "stole her man." easy child isn't dating anyone. She checked her msgs and there is an invitation to "hang out" by a guy. She asked the guy if he knew what was going on, and he said he only knew the former roommate in passing.
    How juvenile.
    And now, scary, because former roommate is also telling people she is going to attend another univ. this winter but it's extremely difficult to get in, and she already flunked out of one college. Plus, she's got her mother doing her bidding for her.

    I told easy child she was getting a lot of field experience for psychiatric. Not really the way she wanted to spend soph yr, though.:anxious:

    Drama, drama, drama. Despite it all, she loves her classes so far.
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    Oh my, what a start. I'm glad she is loving her classes and hope the other things turn around soon. Sending your poor easy child some hugs and virtual homemade cookies.
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    I also thought of field experience for her psychiatric classes. How exhausting for easy child...hope the drama calms down quickly for her.
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    Wow I can't believe S de-friended her too. So now she is living with S and C. Yikes!

    From what you've written about easy child, I'll bet she will handle it fine. Wish she didn't have to, though. It's great she loves her classes.

    I had to smile when I read "I just like looking at you." Just her luck. I love to look for clues and underlying motivations, so I'm wondering what C means by this. It probably makes perfect sense to C.
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    Oh, there are two "S's." Sorry about that. One flunked out. The other is doing fine, and in the room. She's quite lively, enters the room in a rush, says "Hi" and starts talking right away. Very social. Too much for C to handle. Maybe they can practice opening the door more quietly.

    Also, the art building is open and ready for students. The damages were minimal.