Could it be my thyroid?


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I have a Dr's appointment today and I'm going to request a thyroid test. For the past few months my memory has been getting worse, I'm "snappy" with husband, and I've been gaining weight - despite consciously watching what I eat and trying to stay active.

husband and I both quit smoking nearly two months ago, and the symptoms have gotten worse - and now include constipation, no matter how much roughage I eat! I'm putting on weight at an alarming rate, even though my eating and exercise habits haven't changed. At first I chalked it up to my metabolism changing due to the lack of nicotine. But now I'm wondering if I've had an underactive thyroid for a while, but the nicotine counteracted some of the effects.

Please share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences! This is all new to me.

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That's definately a possibility. One of the issues with having an underactive thryoid is sleep issues so that could explain the memory problems and snappines you are experiencing. If it turns out to be your thryoid, you will be pleasantly surprised with how much better you'll feel in just a few weeks after getting on medication, even without it being at your optimum dosage! Just be sure to tell the doctor your symptoms and why you want your thyroid tested, just in case it could be something else!

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It still could just be giving up the cigarettes - it depends on how much you were smoking. It does take a fair bit of time to wash out of your system. I remember my father gained A LOT of weight when he first gave up smoking, but he did eventually lose it again. because the smoking had given him emphysema, he took up lifting weights and set up a small gym in his garage. The doctor had told him he only had five years left - after he took up the exercise he had 25 years more and even then, it was a latent TB infection from WWII that took its toll. If it hadn't been for the TB, it would have needed a silver bullet to get rid of him.
His exercise had turned round most of his health problems. He still had emphysema but he had improved his lung capacity so much that he was doing brilliantly. AND keeping the weight off, AND loving life.

If you're worrying about an underactive thyroid, you also need to consider how your skin is, your hair, whether you feel the cold or are running 'hot' and also family history. The doctor can check your blood tests and also feel your throat for any goitre lumps. You can get lumps even with underactive thyroid - sometimes in underactive state the thyroid grows because it's trying to produce more hormone but lacks raw materials (which includes the necessary pituitary hormones). Usually it's overactive thyroid where the gland grows big.

Occams Razor would indicate that the simplest explanation is the most likely; to suddenly develop a thyroid problem just as you give up smoking is an amazing coincidence. It IS worth checking, but be prepared for it to simply be the smokes. Or sudden lack of them.

Hopefully, equilibrium will not take too long to restore. I've never smoked so I can't talk about it from personal experience.