Could it possibly be *gasp* sinking in???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterbee, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Wynter went with a friend of mine and her daughter to my friend's friend's house (totally confused?). Wynter went with L to E's house. That's better.

    Anyway, E's un-boyfriend was talking to Wynter about her stutter and homeschooling, etc. L told me that Wynter actually opened up and talked about it instead of clamming up like normal. Wynter told them that she wanted to go back to regular school next year for high school and that she's hoping with therapy and the AD's she's on that she'll be able to get her anxiety under control so she can do so. Wynter also said she hates the stutter, but thinks it's part of her anxiety and, while she has gone to speech therapy in the past and wants to again, she has other issues to work on first.


    You could have knocked me over with a feather. All of that repeating myself until I wanted to slam my head against something hard is actually, maybe, sinking in? Definitely some maturity going on.

    It was nice to hear. I cried tears of relief and pride. *sniff*
  2. totoro

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    WOW! Well even if she never opens up again, you can feel better about the fact that she realizes what is good for her and yes! The things you have done really have sunk in... Way To Go. She is actually absorbing those lessons. Gives one hope!
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    That is so nice to hear! My difficult child is only 7, but so much progress has been made already. When he was 2 all I wanted to hear from daycare/church was that he was a joy to have in class or anything at all that was positive. I am finally hearing those things. Other may not think it is anything to talk about, but when he says for the first time that something made him sad, I was extremely happy! No emotional expressions have been heard from him until just recently.
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    Yup, it's seems to be sinking in.....the wonder of it all at your difficult children age is that she needs someone other than "mom" to talk least that's what I find in kt. kt will let others tell me what they've discussed on occasion (other times we communicate by email).

    If your difficult child is like my kt at that age, she really needs an objective outsider. She will come back to you to talk. This seems to be a phase/need in young teen girls (I can't speak for the boys).

    I'm glad that your difficult child not only opened up, but discussed areas of major concern in her life like a young adult. I'd say it's sinking in....I hope she will follow through. I hope she will take your help to get her to follow through.

    Thanks for sharing such positive news, Heather.:cheerleader:
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    I think more sinks in than we realize. I'm beginning to see that in my daughter when she comes to visit. Much of what was discussed when she was younger is frequently brought up with her views of them. It sounds strange to hear my words coming back with pride in her voice that she learned and understood much of what was said to her. She tells me she's glad I pushed her and didn't let her get away with goofing off in therapy.

    Our kids "get" much more than we think. What they do with the morals and values we teach them is up to them, but they do understand what we feel is important. Wynter understands that the medications and therapy will help her. She's probably just not sure she wants to change and, of course, she certainly doesn't want her mother to be right (that comes MUCH later).

    Let's hope she really does the work needed so she can go to high school. While homeschooling can give you an education, I truly believe that high school is a rite of passage -- the good and bad memories. They are a special time of our life and we all deserve to experience them.
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    Way To Go Wynter!!! It is so good to hear that she has positive goals for herself and have prioritized a few things. She gets all that from her mom! Way To Go Mom!!!
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    Wow-what a great post to read! It is so nice to hear she is opening up and realizing that she needs the AD and the therapy. Hugs to you!
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    Wow, I am impressed!!! Good for her, she sounds very insightful and ready, willing and able to engage in therapy. That is a big step. Congrats!! :)
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    Thanks. :D I'm proud of her, too. Even if she, at times, refuses to admit the benefits she receives from the AD it is soooo obvious.

    After so many years of refusing therapy or refusing to participate, I'm finally hopeful that she will be an active participant. She's ready to make changes and ready to accept that she's the only one that can make those changes - she just needs guidance on how.
  10. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member glad to hear the good news! Definitely a positive step for Wynter!