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    teenage girls to me? I don't know if you remember but last year easy child was a cheerleader for football. She despised the coach and that's putting it nicely and, to be honest, the coach was a jerk-wouldn't even sit near the girls at the games, made cutting comments to the cheerleaders, etc.

    It got to the point where husband became involved and easy child was glad of it.

    When she tried out for basketball cheerleaders she didn't make it and when the other girls who were still left on the football squad (which were only 3 others besides easy child at the end of the season) all made it they asked why easy child hadn't. She said because she didn't like easy child's attitude. easy child was really hurt by this and I think the coach didn't like that easy child stood up for the other girls that were hurt by the coach.

    All through basketball season she continued to tell us horror stories about the coach that she heard from the other cheerleaders.

    Fast forward to today. She is trying out for CHEERLEADING AGAIN:faint: It is still the same coach.

    easy child did take it upon herself to talk to the coach about last season and the coach seems to think it's a good idea for easy child to try again.

    I don't know whether to hope she makes it or doesn't after last year's rollercoaster ride!
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    I can't figure out teenage girls either so I am waiting for that explanation. IN the mean time I will send good thoughts that this goes well.

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    UGH! She has more guts than I do, I tell you that! I hope that the coach wasn't stringing her along. If she doesn't make the squad, I would make a call to the principal of the school about what you and easy child personally have observed. I'd leave out the stuff about the other girls' relationships with the coach. I know a couple of women who work in a high school, and I swear they act more like the teenagers than the teenagers do. Such drama!
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    :hammer: Teenage girls are one of the universe's greatest mysteries.