could this be a stimulant/tick?

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    So S has been constantly picking at his behind. Every 30 seconds or so. A while back he was doing the same thing and I took him to the dr for it and he had strep back there. So when this started I took him in assuming it was the same thing. It isn't. The dr said try itch cream for a few weeks that didn't help, so then I was thinking since he's constipated a lot, maybe hemmeroids? S says it feels like his undies are stuck in there. So I called and asked and if I could try tucks pads or some of the ointment, that hasn't been helping either.

    We've tried all types of undies, boxers, boxer briefs, regular, the kind that have an elastic cuff around the thighs to keep them in place, bigger ones, smaller ones, etc. Nothing is helping. For the record I KNOW the undies aren't actually stuck because I've seen him in just undies and when he picks there is nothing in there.

    He had a vyvanse increase around the same time this started, this maybe started a week or so after that. On Focalin he had a motor tick with his eyes, I know this is different but he doesn't even seem to notice. I'm starting to wonder if the increased medications are causing a tick/stimulant type behavior? I know that's probably far reaching but with itch cream, antibiotic cream, hemmeroid cream all not working I'm running out of ideas.

    Its not pin worms because its all day and his dr said that would be only at night, he says it doesn't itch or hurt, just that his undies are stuck.....even though the symptoms aren't consistent with-pin worms if it hasn't stopped by the end of next week we're to take him back to be tested for them. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    Have you tried cornstarch or baby powder. Just thinking that the creams or pads would make it feel more like the underwear is stuck. Cornstarch would help relieve and actual itch and/or discomfort without adding more 'feeling' to it.

    Failing that, ask if you can remove/reduce the medications you think may be causing it. If the behavior stops, then in my opinion the 'cure' is obvious.
  3. jennd23

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    I'm realllllly crossing my fingers that its not the medications. The combination he's on is working so well right now! Just over the last week its been like a new child!

    I'll try some baby powder.
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both as well. It really sux when you have to stop medications that work well because side effects/reactions get in the way. been there done that.
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    It could be. The tics manifest in strange ways. We had to add Tenex (Guafacine) to easy child/difficult child's stims to avoid minor tics when he was in elementary. Unfortunately you have to titrate up and very important to titrate down as well. I can't think of any other cause. For pinworms, back in the day, I used a flashlight and looked into the rectum at night. It was easy to see if they were there although usually they were in the interior folds. None of the children objected to the strange procedure because they were uncomfortable and wanted to make sure. Sounds odd but it worked. That's how my Mother checked us even further back in the day as no tests were available. DDD
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    been there done that too ! difficult child has had a tic with every medication-go-round.

    Strattera was snapping fingers.

    Concerta was biting shirt at the shoulder area until it was soaked.

    Vyvanse was twitching his head towards his shoulder.

    They all went away within a week or so thank goodness.

    I hope you difficult child's does as well.

    husband and I tried not to make a big fuss over it so as not to put anymore pressure on him.

    I noticied my difficult child twitching last week again and I think it has to do with school starting and the anxiety of it all.
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    Key word in first post: constipation.
    medications can mess with this real fast - but fixing it does not require medications change (usually)...

    Get him to...
    - drink LOTS of juice (i.e. juice, not water) - esp: apple or anything with prune in it
    - eat dried fruit (prunes if he will, but even raisins or apricots help) - but only works if drinking lots
    - more fiber - oat bran, wheat bran, real whole grains (NOT "whole wheat bread"... )
    - eat lots of non-tropical fruit (oranges are neutral, bananas make constipation worse) - apples, plums, peaches, etc.
    - increase physical activity such as running or swimming

    Ya right - these aren't easy to do with a difficult child either!! But they DO work, most of the time.
  8. jennd23

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    yeah, the constipation is under control again. We're giving miralax (per his dr) every day. I feel bad about that but he's gotta go......he's started drinking more water recently which is a miracle because for years he wouldn't touch it.
  9. InsaneCdn

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    Not sure what "under control" means... in order to get past the discomfort from being too far over to that end of the spectrum, you just about have to go into the "too soft" spectrum. Not the runs... still "formed" but no where close to firm. From that point, it takes 2-4 weeks to regain "comfort".
  10. jennd23

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    It means soft, not painful, but not runs consistency. That's been "ok" for about a week so maybe it will help itself in a few weeks....