Could use a good thought this morning....

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husband has been ill with the stomach flu over the last 5 days & was unable to take or keep his medications down.

He became very manic & unstable over the last couple of days & was admitted to the hospital due to irrational/dangerous thinking & actions.

husband was just recently diagnosis'd with bipolar (last summer). He'd been doing so well with taking medications & such. The stomach flu really put him down.

I called his psychiatrist yesterday morning; husband went to the ER with me willingly. He was admitted 3 hours later.

Keep your fingers crossed that his medications can be stabilized once again.



Prayers for both of you. Concentrate on the positives here... you know why it's not working and you know he can get stable again. Try not to worry now that he's safe.

I posted on the Good Morning thread prior to reading this. Your husband is in my thoughts and prayers... I hope he is feeling better soon and recovers QUICKLY :smile: :smile: :smile:!!!

My heart goes out to you... I wish there was something I could do to help... Please take extra good care of yourself. If possible, spend time with a close family member or friend. You shouldn't have to go through all of this alone...

I'm sending lots of cyber hugs your way... WFEN


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Oh Linda, I am sorry. Poor guy to get a double wallop like this. I hope they can stabilize his tummy and his medications soon.



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Keeping good thoughts here Linda. This is one part of medication results that people do not normally think about. It is good that you posted here so others that are on medication and who might get the flu will be aware of the possibility. -RM


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Sending hugs to you both. That is always rotten to be that sick and then put the BiPolar (BP) and medications issue on top of it......poor guy has be feeling horrible all the way around. Here's hoping he's better soon.



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Linda, I'm sorry that husband is ill. I didn't know he had been on treatment for bipolar. Sorry things have become complicated by the stomach flu. Hope everything is stabilized and he returns home.


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Linda, I am sorry to hear that your husband is having problems. Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts that he is stabilized soon and can come home. Poor guy. As usual, I am keeping your family in my prayers.



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Linda, my older sis is 55 and bipolar. if her medications gets wacked up she ends up having to go to be stabilized. she is much better when they get her back on track. your hubby will be ok when he gets regulated again.
it is hard on you and the family as you go thru this time with him. God bless.


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Awww linda...I will be keeping your guys in my prayers.

I know that when I get sick and cant keep my medications down I get unstable. Thankfully I havent gone that length of time so far. This is something to keep in mind. Maybe I will ask the doctor for some emergency m tabs of risperdal to keep on hand for such an occasion.


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Gee Linda you've been through so much you just can't get a break. I hope husband is stablized soon and things get back to normal.