Could we be getting somwhere at last?


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Yesterday we had a phone call .. from our NEW social worker! :smile:

He was seeing difficult child and his foster carers yesterday to see what services could be offered and whether foster placement was the best way forward for now.

He asked me if difficult child would be able to come home and i said 'NO!' I told him i would go into the whys and wherefores when we meet with him (whenever that will be). he started saying that because of difficult child's age they will be looking as to whether he will stay in foster placement or if they will need to find alternative accommodation for him. At least he didn't tell me he HAS to come home (which is what the other social worker was saying).

I am in the process of obtaining copies of our witness statements from the police and also a copy of difficult child's interview tape (where he admitted he intended to cause SO significant harm with the wood) so will be showing SW that!! Its about time our voice was heard in all this. :rolleyes:

Sadly advocacy is a no go at this point as the woman is off on maternity leave and theres no one to take over ... but at least we will (hopefully) get somewhere now and difficult child wont be gracing our doorstep any time soon.

difficult child still refuses to have face to face contact with me, although he still texts me trying to get money from me :slap: If he refuses to see me then obviously our relationship has broken down BIG TIME! I just pray that one day it can be repaired enough for him to visit us now and again :crying:

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I'm glad to hear that someone is finally listening. It's about time. You must be breathing a sigh of relief that you won't feel threatened in your own home by difficult child.

Keeping positive thoughts for you & yours.


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ok... I guess I got a bit too ahead of myself :slap:

SW rang today .. difficult child is being referred to go into supported housing. Once he is in there he will be allowed to sleep out twice a week (apparently monitored). SW said that 1 of those nights should be spent here with us... eating and sleeping in our home. The child who wants to stab SO and openly admitted to the police he wanted to cause harm should be allowed to sleep under my roof. The child who for years abused me verbally to the point i wouldn't go out cos he didn't want me to. the child who has us so scared we still lock our front door throughout the day so he cannot get in. the child who doesn't want me but wants my money.

I shall be saying NO a lot i think. :rolleyes:

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Oh-I was reading your first post and thinking finally you were being heard. Maybe after the SW knows the whole story her mind will change?


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I doubt that very much.. its the same old song they have been singing since february .. WE should have him back as WE have a responsibility to him. He's 16. If he WAS here he could legally leave home and get a flat and live his life how HE wants.. so where do WE have this responsibility. Under the child protection act he is classed as a child in need (due to his mental state etc) therefore the GOVERNMENT have a duty to help him and provide him with services until he is 19, at which point he should be living independently but with support form SW until he is at least 21. Only then, if he is coping, can they drop him.

I shall be showing the children's act to SW when he comes, he thinks i know nothing? One thing i have learned in life.. read much and quote more. once i start with that i feel he will realize he is not dealing with parents who have had enough because he is a teen, he is dealing with parents who have had enough of being bullied and abused by their son, parents who are trying to get their son the help he needs and teach him he cannot treat people like that, because when you treat loved ones with contempt you lose them, parents who are protecting their other children and themselves.

SW told me he was an advocacy for difficult child, Wheres our advocacy? on maternity leave!