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    Well, we finally got our first CPS visit in our new state. My hubby allowed his supposed daughter be adopted by her step dad :smile: sorry but I have to admit it was kinda hard being a step mom to that child, though she's not had a diagnosis of difficult child., It's the fact that she wasn't really his, the mother gave birth while they were married, but biological wasn't his, that was kinda tough. Anyways Valentines day I called police to aid me in talking to mother because girl was hitting my son on bus and saying bad words, which he repeats. Then the next week, CPS comes out, says they were called on 15th (no brainer here). And says they have a report that when hunter is out of control he gets put in his room with door shut. I'm like, THAT"S IT!!!!!That is all she can come up with, how freakin lame. DUH yes, that's true, it's called TIME OUT!!!! Well, this stupid CPS thinks that's child abuse. I am like you are soooo crazy people, do YOU want him during a RAGE???? I'll be more than happy to call you when he does and see how you handle it. Anyways I had to sign a release for documentation from psychiatric doctor when he was hospitalized that it is doctor recommened. I called the doctor, she could not even believe they thought that was child abuse and me of all people who moved to yankeeville for better services for my son could even be accused of abusing difficult child. But anyways I have the documentation. So they can't mess with us, so I am messing with them, asking for this service, that service and another, My usual stuff, I even invited social worker to therapy session to learn more about his problems (obviously she doesn't have a clue)!!!!! Just a vent or a victory note!!!
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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'>Hope they can provide services and things can be ironed out to the benefit of your son.

    What the heck is Yankeeville?</span>
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    CPS thinks that putting a child in their room and shutting the door is Child Abuse???? OMG! I'd have been arrested a bazillion times. I'd like to see a CPS worker come to my house and sit through Missy screaming at the top of her lungs for an hour and see if they could stand it before walking out of the house or literally slamming her door shut. Gosh, I wish I had a padded/soundproof room for those occasions. I have an unfinished room over my garage that I'm actually tempted to soundproof for that reason! It's a shame that these social workers aren't better educated.
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    I'm wondering why you called the police about the hitting rather than the school? That would have been the place to start.
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    Unfortunately what's done is done. But I do agree with witz, I would have called the school for the bus incident and not the police. But, now that they are involved, perhaps you could take advantage of their services :wink:

    And I have the same question Fran does, what is Yankeeville?

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    I'd like to see them at my house. Can't leave difficult child with the other 2 and can't go to the bathroom with all 3 of them. How long would they last before they lost control? Glad you have documentation.
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    I do believe Yankeeville is due North of SouthernComfortland. I could be mistaken, bless my heart!
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    Over the years we had cps tell us we could not put kids in rooms alone, and we had them come when oldest difficult child was in 10th grade, school called becuz I told school my difficult child could NOT go to someone elses house where there were no parents present to do a group school project---------cps told us we were too restrictive,
    we have had cps here so many times it is not funny........and they have said some of the weirdest things to us. Very often things our psychiatrists and tdocs or school people have told us to do, those very same things brought cps to our door.
    Good luck to you with your visits from them.
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    FWIW, our CPS worker for difficult child 2 is a very young, 23 year old girl with no kids and no clue. It's the most frustrating feeling trying to deal with her. So I know how you feel.

    No advice. They're just a PITA. Why don't they do something about the drug dealer's kids that are home alone. *sigh*


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    We have had CPS come out here due to someone complaining my difficult child used the word "hell" and thought since we taught it to him, etc...
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    Our Mr IHBT (in home behavior therapist) has us replacing the glass in the windows in difficult child 2's room with plexiglass so we can do just that.
    Its in writing.
    I'm waiting til we get our first CPS visit. I have no doubt it will happen.