Cursed Hospitals of Doom

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    So...haven't been on here in a while.

    I'm very weak and tired so I will make this as short as possible.

    22 Dec - 2 Jan ~ difficult child was hospitalized for threatening to kill himself with a knife.

    2 Jan ~ Upon discharge, hospital has the nerve to tell me I was evading family therapy and not returning the calls (that I WASN'T getting). They never even tried to call his dad (yeah, bio-dad actually stepped up for this one!). This is why they HAD to discharge him. They told me to pack up all the "sharps" when I got home. The hospital also proceeded to tell me how I wasn't doing enough. Are they kidding?!?!?!

    difficult child is put on Trileptal while in the hospital.

    difficult child's regular psychiatrist takes him off immediately.

    difficult child is still on .25 of Risperdal 2x a day.

    difficult child is INSANE (said in the nicest way possible, of course). Defiant as all heck, now. He's hyper out of his mind (since the hospital). He still has no desire to do homework, classwork, etc... The sad thing is, my mind is in a state of " least he's not being suspended". Stating this is probably a jinx. The school will call me tomorrow pointing out that he pushed another "slow" girl (ehem...unneccessary tidbit from his teacher? harsher punishment for that one...he shouldn't hit ANYONE, in my book) and hit another girl that was chasing him and, relentlessly, teasing him (I'm just waiting for the allout pounding he lays on someone for the [you know what] those kids give 'em). God help us...

    He's finally been accepted into an extended day treatment from 4-5:45. He behaves alright. It's starting to decline a bit, though. It's hard as anything to get a meeting with those people, too. For God's sake, I can't even get an update on what he did for the day! Bah...

    Speaking of declining...(maybe this should be posted seperately?) I am now being tested for atypical migraines, stroke, lyme disease and ms. I'm so fatigued that I'm falling asleep on a whim, things are going numb, vision loss, fun fun.

    This hinders my ability to do a bunch, including working without nodding off, having the brainpower to help my difficult child with his 3rd grade homework, walk without bumping into stuff, use my left arm (grrr...annoying!) for things like driving or talking on the phone or playing the piano, seeing I guess is a little important, too... Heh..heh... *sigh*

    My point? Everything [I attempted to use a word I thought was not a swear, but is, apparently, banned. I will change it to...] does what a vacuum does!'ve all seen my mature side. I mean...everything [vacuumed] before...but it was OK cos my brain was still working. Slowly, but surely, I went blank, shut down, couldn't hear, comprehend, write, spell...AHHHHH!!!! Do you know how bad it is when you forget simple words and how to spell things when you have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to spell everything correctly and have perfect grammer???? AHHHHHHHHHH, again!!!! I thought it was stress...maybe it still is, I don't know. Stress is stupid and I hate blaming things on it so, ya know what? I'm putting my money on MS. That's right. I actually BET with my friend on what I have. It'll be a relief to have something [this is where I forget a word] to point a finger at. I can yell at it. Yes, yell. Nice.

    It's suddenly hot, this chair is horribly uncomfortable, and I can't stop thinking about when the school will call me tomorrow with another complaint ( stopped for a while, but started right back up, again). I get to see my psychiatrist and psychologist tomorrow. Woo hoo! Double whammy!!! Then, I get to meet with the exended day treatment folk whom I've just received a letter from today stating this is a mandatory meeting involving them, the school and (fantastically) DCF (that would be the Department of Children and Families. You know...the ones that can take your kids away?). Not sure what this is all about, but I get to "wing" another cursed meeting by myself.

    Oh! OH!!! ( much for the short post.) I just had my difficult child's 2nd PPT. I had to go alone because the army I had before all had to work and such. But... Good news for him! He's officially Special Education, seeing a Special Education teacher once a day, a gifted teacher once a day, and continuing the daily charts. Hooray! Bad news for me...I was CRUCIFIED by the psychiatrist the school sent us to to evaluate difficult child. Or so I thought. All this man had to say (in front of an audience of 10 people) was every bad thing that's ever happened in my life. He blamed me for "giving" my son ADHD because I smoked the first few months of my pregnancy (not yet KNOWING I was pregnant, mind you). He mentioned being with my son's father...the abuse and fault for staying with him? Well, that's how he got PTSD, of course. And let's not forget the kicker (this is harsh, so brace yourselves)...he mentioned how the "R" word happened to me years ago. The R word! Ends in 3 other letters...last Breaking News: difficult child just came down and hugged me, head dripping in sweat...he's been sleep walking an awful lot, lately. letter being E. You fill in the rest. Like hangman! Except I was the one being hanged...

    So sweet of them to continuously ask if I was OK, after that.

    I, officially, hate this town and everyone in it.

    Thanks for reading my newest novel (and sorry). I miss you guys...a lot. I think I'll post all my possible MS issues in the other forum to get some opinions. Off I go!

    P.S. I miss the old smilies. *sniff*
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    Don't really have much to offer except that I'm so sorry for what you are going through right now! You really need to take care of you first and foremost.

    Hang in there!
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    You have some very concerning symptoms, I hope you are seeing the right doctors and following up on things. My sister went through similar things, keep me updated, I will keep you in my thoughts. And yes I hate stress as well.
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    You really have a lot on your plate with difficult child and your own physical problems right now. I'm sorry you had to go through that at the school meeting-I think I would have lost it. Many gentle hugs and prayers.:angel2:
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    Im sorry you are going through all this.

    I can somewhat empathize because I have been there with the physical stuff and not knowing what in the world was going on plus the bipolar rearing its ugly head. Its not fun.

    Did I read it right that some school psychiatrist read you the riot act for causing every darn thing under the sun with your son? Oh please! That was completely unprofessional. If everyone that had smoked a cigarette or was in an abusive relationship was going to have an ADHD kid well then the numbers would be much higher than they are! As far as him blaming what I am assuming you are talking about with the R word...that is so far out of his business it isnt even funny. Oddly enough I did have some quack try to tell me that Cory was acting out because I was raped and I walked out of his office. Cory was 3...there was no way he could have known. What a jerk!

    Forget that jerk. You know the truth. I hope you get some answers to what is going on with you physically and its not serious. Maybe its just a medication reaction. I lose words because of my medications.
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    Well, big hugs. Life is certainly vacuuming for you lately - GRRrrr. I am so so sorry!!!!!:9-07tears:

    And I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly.
    I know several of our board members have similar symptoms, so you might post on the watercooler about the physical problems.

    As far as difficult child - why did psychiatrist take him off trileptal? He sounds like he needs a mood stabilizer of some sort, and he is not on one. Risperdal is not a mood stabilizer, it is an anti-psychotic. I would ask psychiatrist to take the phosph evaluation and xr a medication based on those results. What was the official diagnosis?
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    So...proof of the hospital's effectiveness? My poor child told me, again, he doesn't think he deserves to live because of his behavior. I think I'm going to skip the hospital trip, this time. A hug and a long walk brought it out of him that night... Let's hope it works everytime.
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    WOW, I am so sorry things hoover right now. Please post in Special Education forum about the treatment from the school and in this meeting. I am pretty sure that the doctor crossed some MAJOR lines, and you may have some firepower to get change for your son.

    I know how scary the physical symptoms can be, sending hugs and wishes for it all to get better very soon.

    Glad a walk and talk brought him out of it. I hope that soon you can both be in a place where they treat you with the respect and care you deserve.


  9. daralex

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    The psychiatric. is the biggest hoover I've heard of - what an a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you ignored every word he said because he couldn't be more wrong!!! You have to know this is not your fault. I am so sorry for what you are going through!!! And also concerned about your health. Sending huge ((HUGS))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would be furious at that jerk psychiatric. I would be checking every privacy and slander law there was, and hitting him in the face with a lawsuit.(Yes, I'm the get even type lol)

    You are not to blame for any of what difficult child has. Its just a case of chance that any of us have difficult children.

    Sorry about your health, I hope they find out what it is and get you on the road to recovery soon.

    Sending hugs and a warm tub for you to soak in.:bath: