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I often reminisce back to when my kids were younger and the cute little antics they pulled. difficult child is often asking me to tell her these stories and I thought I'd share and ask others to share their own.

When easy child was 3 and I was pregnant with difficult child, I was washing dishes when I realized how quiet it was in the apartment. You know as well as I that quiet kids = trouble. So, I called out, "[easy child] what are you doing?" To which I hear, SLAM, "Nussinggg." I walk back in my bedroom and there is my little blond, blue-eyed, long-lashed boy sitting at my vanity with lovely black mascara drawings all over his face. The SLAM was the makeup drawer. :rofl:

When difficult child was about the same age, she came out of her bedroom one evening, shut the door, (I can still see her in her long, red flannel snowman nightgown with her toes just peeking out from underneath) and says to me, "It's ok, Mommy. You don't need to go in there." Of course, I have to at that point and find several bottles of glitter - gold, red, green, blue - had been dumped all over the floor. Her room was sooooo pretty!!! :rofl:
Awwwww how cute! When My easy child 1 was about 4 1/2 and easy child 2 was 8 months old, easy child 1 used the 5 seconds I snuck into the shower to "decorate" ber baby brother! She somehow got into my purse and drew all over his face with lipstick. Even back then she was a free thinking artist! LOL!! Of course the lipstick was in a red shade and we couldn't get it all off for several days. Needless the say, husband wasn't too happy, lol!!

Great topic, everyone share the fun/silly/goofy things your kids have done that has brought smiles to your faces!



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When difficult child was 3 and easy child#1 was just a few weeks old i walked out of the kitchen to find easy child in her pram covered in washing powder ... difficult child had decided she was dirty and wanted to wash her to 'help me' .. I still wonder now if he would have put her in the washing machine?


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I have a set of 3 drawers that lock to put my clothes in. It doesn't come up very high; only to easy child's kneck. I didn't realize that his little hands can fit in the holes that you're supposed to open it with. He reaches in and pulls out my underware and rubs it on his ears. He'll crawl around the apartment with my underware on his head. Once I looked up to giggles and difficult child 2 had unlocked the drawer and was throwing underware at easy child. easy child thought this was great! I should get a picture of this to embarrass him with latter in life.