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    over a week ago met a neighbor when walking the neighborhood looking for kiki, mother of rocky, houdini, ninja and bandit... no one had seen her for 5 days. even though spayed she still "dates" mustache daddy their father, but never gone more then 2 days... good mom always checks in with her kids

    next day passed neighbor while walking to store and mentioned the mom cat had come back very hungry and thirsty but alive, i think she had been trapped in someones shed or something. kiki came up behind me when the neighbors cat, her old cat came out to greet kiki; she reacted in way i didn't understand his owner confused by his reaction also. her cat is 15yrs old, diabetic and looks like walking death.

    that night around 2 am i had trixie, kiki and her kids all in my bedroom and ninja who looks just like her mother was doing what was kind of like a kitty pole dance in the window. her mom made a sound that i translated to mean get out of the window hussy he's too old for you. rocky and houdini (ninja's brothers) were poofed up looking big as they could look, flexing muscle when i saw the old cat from down the street looking in my window

    so i met my neighbor down by her house with the flashlight calling kitty kitty in my pj's carrying her cat home in the middle of the night. told her not to go too hard on him the dance ninja was doing was entrapment, no wonder he wanted to get a closer look.

    thought i would share our kitty tale because might bring a smile to someone's face, and give others a place to share their funny critter stories... we all need to laugh anytime get an opportunity.

    for those of you looking at my signature thinking should change my name to crazy cat lady please understand what would have been crazy a year ago would have been to look the other way and let those cats keep reproducing out there. of the 6 i've brought in in the past year 4 were female and would have become around 100 cats by now.

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    LOL That is pretty cute.

    Nichole and Aubrey spent the night last night. Nichole slept on the livingroom couch. Or rather tried to at first. Rufus and Maggie adore Nichole (all animals do) and I think they were confused and thought perhaps she was ill or something. They kept nosing her and licking her making it impossible for her to sleep. They were finally banned to the dining room. lol
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    Adorable. I think you are awesome for caring for the voiceless furbabies who need us. You will always be high on my "respect" list for that!!! Cute story from you too, Lisa.

    I don't have as cute a story, but it was kind of funny yesterday when I took my two furbabies (see avator) to the dog park. There is a park for small dogs who don't like big dogs and we usually start there, but my chi-shihtzu mix is good with ALL dogs so we decided to try the big dog park for the larger breed dogs too. Well, Damian has good doggy manners and got along with all the boxers, labs, mixed breed biggies, etc. Chloe is a Yorkie/Bichon, but her temperment is ALL terrier (I call it terror-er). She isn't mean, but she is silly and think she is the Queen of Dogs. So she was going up to boxers who could eat her for lunch, but were actually very polite, and yipping at them like she could scare them. They kind of gave her a look and walked away. Finally she tried to sniff some big doggie's butt, but she couldn't reach and he turned around and barked once at her and she ran to us yipping like the little baby she is.

    Tom took her to the small dog park while Damian stayed in the larger park, but he missed his sister so we took them both in the smaller dog park until all the big dogs went home. Even then, as we walked around the park, Chloe doesn't like when Damian is walking in front of her so she kept yipping at him if he didn't stay a tad behind her. Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny. She also started herding him.

    We have met Chloe's parents and they are definitely a yorkie and a bichon. Doesn't look like anything else in them. But Chloe is like a retriever and a herding dog as well as a yorkie/bichon. She likes to fetch from morning to night and never stop. She has tons of tiny tennis balls at home. And she does herd other dogs??? A yorkie/bichon fetching and herding????

    Just thought I'd share a little about my difficult child doggy.

    I really value animals. I consider them equal to humans in value. My kids call me "The Crazy Dog Lady."
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    LOL MWM that is cute and I can picture it.

    Rufus is a black lab.......and a quarter pit bull or perhaps mastiff. Mom is full blood, dad is half black lab and one of the other two. Rufus is much longer / stockier than the typical lab and he is not overweight. He's also a bit taller. But he is as strong as an ox.....literally. Rowdy was strong as an ox but even he could not pull with the strength Rufus has.

    Rufus should have no inclination to herd. But the soccer game is actually a herding game......which is why Molly and now Maggie love it. Betsy chased the ball......she wanted to fetch it even though it's a hard plastic ball larger than a basket ball. (black lab / basset mix) Rufus......does what Maggie does......essentially he herds it. Why? I guess because there was no one telling him he couldn't or shouldn't. LOL They also both have a tendency to herd other dogs given half a chance. They will do so with both the granddogs Ammo and Baily. :laugh:

    Of course he also runs straight vertical 6-7 ft up the side of the maple tree going after a squirrel or bird too. He shouldn't given his weight or size be able to do hasn't stopped him yet.
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    MWM you fibbed... you had a cute critter story it was funny too, thank you so much for sharing. give Chloe a pat on the head for me and tell her nancy insists on being gueen b#[email protected]! of my beehive too. i understand

    hound dog i enjoyed hearing about your dogs with the wonderful herding skills, when i need to round up the cats i singing voice announce "kitties dinner" and they know to come running because it's usually only one big can of wet food in a circle on a dinner plate. looks cute all the little furbutts in a circle so i can do a head (actually tail) count.

    the therapy hours and pleasure they provide me with more then makes up for the cost of food. besides i can tell them anything and they won't tell a anyone.

  6. ForeverSpring

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    I never could understand people who didn't like animals. It's like...I dunno...they don't have hearts or something.

    I really connect well with animal lovers and no matter if we agree or disagree on parenting, politics, or anything else...I will always feel a strong bond with you two, Nancy and Lisa and anyone else who values our precious furbabies. That trumps everything else to me :)

    Lisa, I had a cocker once whose name was Rufus :) I miss him still. When you use that name, I smile.

    Is fetching really like herding, Lisa? What do I have here? She's twelve pounds and does not look at all like a herding dog or a lab...lolol. Cats and dogs are the best.
  7. Hound dog

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    No, playing soccer is like herding. Fetching is retrieving.......or is what you're teaching them to do when playing the game. Rufus will do the latter until forever because he never tires of that game. But that is also what he is bred for.

    When I spoke of Betsy it was using an example of a non herding dog unable to grasp the concept of soccer / herding. She still thought she was fetching the enormous ball. lol Rufus knows the difference. He manipulates the ball with his 2 front legs much like a human person does, as does Maggie.