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    During a creative period, difficult child managed to dump an enormous bucket of legos and another bucket of Ky'nex all over the family room floor. He was on his way outside to play when I told him he needed to first clean up. He ranted about how he wanted someone else to do it. When he figured out that it wasn't going to happen, he said I am only cleaning up the legos. Okay I said and then when you come back in you will have to clean up the Ky'nex before going back outside. Okay he said and I told him that it was a good negotiation. "I just negotiated?!," he exclaimend. "Maybe I can change my behavior."
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    Very cute-and-good for him and you!
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    Well actually, he may be a good negotiator but he's a little weak on the follow through. He went into the familyroom all set to clean up and instead started playing. He spent the next two hours building a very impressive airplane. Oh well, he was happy and busy, works for me!
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    Yeah, it's that follow through part that my son gets hung up on, too- even at 13 yo!

    Soooo, he just has to do what I expect FIRST until I can count on him to follow through- Know what I mean??
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    How cute!
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    How sweet!