Daddy Obama and Parenting

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Allan-Matlem, Dec 28, 2008.

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    It seems that Obama is following Alfie Kohn's lead in parenting. I would also recommend him to read Kohn's books , website on education and schooling.

    Alfie Kohn is one of my favourite authors . His book Unconditional parenting is a great companion to Ross Greene's the Explosive child and his books on schools and education are quoted by Greene in his book ' lost at school '. Alfie Kohn gave a key note address at the annual ' explosivechild- collaborative problem solving approach conference.

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    I don't want a parent, I want a President.
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    We as parents , teachers, bosses, managers are in leadership positions , we are all presidents of some sort , the question here is not about policies but rather the style of leadership , the relationship with people , what type of father figure. I am still waiting to see how Obama deals with educational issues.

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    Allan, I really was thinking of you last evening and wondering where you were in the world of parenting.

    Thank you for the reminder that there are professionals who write to help us parent a difficult child. A good book on parenting,to read,is worth a hundred well intentioned suggestions.
    It helps to know that other parents who have the best intellect and best resources use some of the same books we do. We really are still in the dark when it comes to raising unique children. It's getting better but it will be a long while before we know all we need to know about some of our kids.