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    I just realized the date. Weren't you supposed to go yesterday for an angiogram? How did it go?
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Bumping this up -
    Thanks Heather !!!!!!
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    I'm sorry, didn't mean to keep anyone hanging. My internet has been acting up something fierce the last couple of days. I have it one second then the next it's gone. ugh But the problem should be solved.

    As for cardiologist, I made it to the appointment, barely. husband conveniently didn't bother to wake me up on time. So it was a mad dash, which doesn't work well when you've got to drive almost 40 miles to get there.

    Any hoo, doctor said the medication increases are doing great. B/p isn't bad at all. Since I'm only having minor chest pains going up our steep stairs, she's decided I'm doing well.

    No angiogram. Not a good idea to do it with the kidney issues. If other tests had come back showing something she'd go ahead. But doesn't want to push her luck since they came back okay.

    So. Mild heart attack, recovering ok. Cardiac diet. (big surprise lol) Loose 40 lbs. Stop smoking. (already almost there)

    I go back in a month. And she sees no problems with me going to school next quarter as long as I strive to keep stress levels down as much as I can.

    So I guess I'll live. lol :D
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    No stress, lose weight!!! All sounds easy!!! JK
    It sounds like it went pretty well though, and you get to go to school!!! Line up our kids for Blood Draws!!!
    Keep up the good work...
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    Yeah, I had to bite my tongue on the no stress part. lmao

    You can line up your kids Toto. I graduated the phlebotomy program last July. :redface:

    Now I'm headed for RN. lol And I'm relieved I can go this next quarter. I'll be finishing up the chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology classes. I didn't want to forget what I learned in chemistry before getting a chance to take the second half of the class. lol

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    Lisa -

    I can't remember...did they do an echocardiogram at the hospital? That would be a good test to have. It's an ultrasound of the heart. It will show how efficiently your heart is working.

    You might also talk to your cardiologist about doing a CT scan. It's non-invasive and can detect calcification in the coronary artery which would be an indication of stenosis (is that the right word?...I'm a little foggy).

    There is still some controversy surrounding the use of CT's, but it seems to be more with who to use it on (low risk vs medium risk vs high risk) as a diagnostic tool. IOW, high risk people don't need it because they are already receiving interventions and is it a waste of money to use it on low-risk people. Since they are hesitant to do anything invasive because of the kidney disease, I would at least broach this with the cardiologist and get her thoughts on it.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. Take care of you.

  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well THAT is good to know......

    Now we'll have an RN in our family.

    (OH GO ON!!!!!)


    I'm glad you are doing better. Why did she say you have pain walking up and down steps? Isn't that heart related??? (just worried) and not very medically inclined. But worried.

    I am sending you a tongue repair kit. You can bite your tongue if you want to and then this magical solution will grow you a new one.

    Happy Easter
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    She didn't mention an echocardiogram, and I didn't even think of it. I'll ask her about it and about the CT. But I think maybe they did one of those....

    Star she said the pain walking up and down the steps is fairly normalish. It isn't enough to send me running to the ER, just enough to be painful for a short time frame. (maybe 5 - 10 mins)

    Guess I'll be joining you guys over in the healthful forum since I've got 40 lbs to shed. lol I did laugh when she mentioned exercise. Hard to do when sitting in classes all day and studying most of the evening. But I'm gonna try now that the weather will be turning nice. The diet is no problem as I've been pretty much been eating that way for the past several years.
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    I am sorry you are still in pain. Glad you are doing better though.


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    Lisa, sounds like a pretty good report, considering everything you've been through. And you've got a good plan. {{hugs}} and good luck!