Dancing on my own happy cloud!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Pookybear66, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Pookybear66

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    I had a good weekend I wanted to tell you all about.
    DS has a school project due Tues. so long weekend of family things somewhat burned up by schoolwork :-( The project is a map. DS has to draw a continent. Label it and surrounding oceans. Draw 2 rivers and lakes. Divide it into 3 nations and within each nation include labels for 2 cities and a capital. Color it and make a key.

    No really a big deal and some kids could do it in 10 minutes. DS needs to work in about 20 min segments over the next 3 days because planning out the space for everything and labeling it neatly and so on is difficult.

    Anyway, he has worked so well with me on it. Understanding the requirements has been surprisingly mostly stress-free. He has taken my suggestions on allowing himself enough room and how/where to place things and make sure all requirements are being met. It is mostly done and we should be able to finish it so its ready for school with no problem.

    Anyway, last night at bed time, I was complementing him on how well he worked on his project and telling him how proud I was of him for not yelling at me and getting frustrated and all. Well this is what he said to me-"You know mom, I am maturing and growing up. And I guess things are just getting easier for me everyday." I almost cried! I told him "Yes you are and I am happy about that. I'm glad we can work together on things and they are getting easier for you as well."

    I am so happy that he is getting better at handling things and we have not had as many meltdowns. I hope today works out just as good.

    Hope everyone else has some successful/happy moments today however big or small they may be.
  2. moonwolf

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    I'm glad you had such a good weekend...
  3. bran155

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    Great news. How impressive on his part to make such a mature statement. You dance on that happy cloud for as long as you possibly can. :)
  4. Wiped Out

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    Glad the weekend was such a good one. Good for difficult child for working on his project so well and how cool that he is able to talk about how he feels he is maturing!
  5. Pookybear66

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    Thanks everyone for the cheers. Every now and then he comes out with these "mature" statements and blows me away. I'm sometimes not sure whether to think they are mature statements or part of his GFGness. Anyway, minor issues with finishing project. He needed a change of scenery and was so adamant about going to skating first. I made him do a bit of project then we went out and he finshed fine when we got home. So we'll see the grade in a while-hopefully good.

    Now on to tomorrow's challenges-whatever they will be LOL!
  6. Andy

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    Bravo on your good weekend. You did a great job helping difficult child. He is starting to see that working as a team gets you a lot further than yelling.