Dare I say it??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Nov 26, 2008.

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    difficult child is at school!! Granted, it is only a 1/2 day, but he got up and went- on time- and I only had to go to his room twice!! I'm going to email his CM at school and see if she can gather some of his make up work and give it to him before school's out today. They won't have all their classes today and I'm sure a few teachers won't expect this.

    Let's just hope it lasts and he can get back on par next week...It's a start, so I'll be grateful! :D
  2. So happy for your wonderful start to the day! It is so exciting when we experience those kind of mornings.
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    What a reief! I pray this trend continues and that he finds something to motivate him to do so! Hugs, ML
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    Thank you! I emailed the CM and principal and filled them in. I also told them signs to be leary of that might result from medication changes and let them know that it was fine to call me right away to come get him if they saw any. difficult child said all his teachers could tell he was still sick (sinus congestion) today and he got some make-up work to do over the next few days. I took him to work with me for a while after he get out (they had a short day at school today).

    Then, we stopped at the store to get a few needed items and we are looking forward to our Thanksgiving traditions! I also let him rent a game to play since I was proud of him for going to school, even though I know he had to push himself and he really didn't feel like it.

    I consider it a successful day!
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    Way To Go, klmno and difficult child! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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    You too, Smallworld!! And thank you for your advice through all this- as you know, I get quite frustrated with trying to figure it all out on my own sometimes!! Even now, I think difficult child had caught a virus on top of the allergy and depression stuff. I am really very proud of him for getting up and doing his best today - I know it wasn't easy, but it seems so much better than continuing to give into it.
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    I'm soo late to this!! Yet yea for you and him!! that's great and less stress on you is great also!!

    I hope it keeps up as well. :)
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    Good for him and you.
    Yes it is hard to see the clear picture at times. know I second guess everything, or I have people doing it for me.
    Even if you are right in your mommy gut, there is always someone saying you are wrong... the fighting is so tiring.

    But good for you for hanging in there!
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    Yeah for both of you!:)