Daughter spiraled into a horrible depression followed by a hospital stay

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Dec 14, 2012.

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    I haven't posted here much about this, but difficult child has recently spiraled into a horrible depression which was followed by a horrible kidney infection and hospital stay. Her overall health has been precarious for months, at best, but in the past week I see definite improvement in her mood and attitude.

    Then, this morning E called and told me her favorite boss died of a heart attack last night...he was a lovely kind man, only 52, a long standing member of the community with a large extended family. Gina was very close to him and his sister. If you can, send up a prayer for his family.

    On a more selfish level, I'm very worried about how this will impact my difficult child...she is still not stable and she tends to shut down when things become overwhelming. E is with her today and I'll probably see her later. If you can send up a prayer for her as well, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
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    Positive thoughts being sent

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    Awww, H&R, that's a lot for your difficult child to deal with, and consequently, a lot for you too. Of course, I am sending a prayer for her boss's family and big hugs and prayers for your difficult child and for you too.................we'll wrap you all up in our magic cloak of love and support....
  4. DDD

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    You can count on me. I'm so sorry for the recent traumas. Hugs DDD
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    Sending many positive thoughts and good vibes for difficult child.
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    Of course. Very sorry about the boss - he was so young.
  7. buddy

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    So sorry for the loss and praying difficult child can handle this without further sinking into depression.
  8. So sorry for difficult child's loss. She has been through a lot lately.

    Sending my prayers and positive thoughts your way.
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    Adding hugs and my prayers.