Deaf, legally blind severely bullied victim WINS in court!!!!!!!!

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    I met this young man and his mother after he was transferred to our school for EXTREME bullying that the coaches knew about and allowed. A really sick footnote is that one of the bullies got a total schloarship for wrestling at a state college. I am hoping he is kicked out, but I don't know what happened. Here is Josiah's brave story. I really didn't think anything would go his way, BUT IT DID. He is now in college in another state for intelligent deaf young adults. Jumper remembers him fondly and he had a few dates with some of the hottest girls at our school!!!! I am proud that our little school embraced him. Although not mentioned in THIS article it is widely known that he was paid over six figures in compensation, although he did not go into this for money. Good for him.

    A lot of people, especially men, said the poor kid was making it up to get these high school wrestling super stars in trouble. I will never understand people like that.

    Here is the story:
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    thank you for sharing MWM ; I truly dislike bullies

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    This is absolutely amazing and wonderful.