deal or no deal


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I hate that show. it is so mindless!! I am also insulted by the scantily clad models and the greed of the participants. I know...I just dont watch it.


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This another one that I've never watched. I loath game shows anyway and this one looks particularly distasteful! Anyway, baseball season will start soon and then I won't have to worry about what to I'm going to watch on TV until next October!



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Geez........I lost my response.

I agree on that show. It just does not turn me on at all. I did
see a show a few weeks ago where one contestant competed against
a panel of like 50 people in answering questions for money. That
program I "thought" I might enjoy watching. Alas, I have never
seen it as an option again! LOL. DDD


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The Aussie version sounds a bit different. Frankly, I find it boring, mostly, although we've got a very energetic host (who is also quite smart and witty, although you wouldn't know it from THIS show).

The fascination - we don't have much up against it, it is on right before the news that I watch and difficult child 3 is trying to draft a computer program that will duplicate the game by calculating the deal offered using probabilities. So for difficult child 3 - the numbers, plus the calculation, are why he watches it.

We've got an oversupply of game shows in Australia right now. It's getting so we can't turn on our TV on any night of the week on any channel, and not see a game show. And when skill doesn't come into it - it's boring.



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I can't stand it either. Has that new show with Capt'n Kirk started? It looks just like Deal or No Deal. I've no interest in that either.

I actually like wathcing the old episodes of Match Game on the Game Show Network. I don't watch it too often, but if I catch it, it's hard to turn it off. They were so funny!