Dental question??


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I have a general question that I was curious if anyone had any advice on....

Is 5 too young to get their first loose tooth? My 5yo came home from school the other day and one of her front top teeth is kinda loose, and she said it has been bothering her, she won't stop digging at it, and she actually has dug at it so much that her gumline is cut open and bleeding!!! This is scary for me, and I wonder if it is something I should be worried enough about to call and request an emergency appointment with her Pediatric Dentist, or if it will be okay to wait a few more weeks (she has an appointment on the 22nd) and supply her with some Oragel in the meantime??

Also, I am going to be speaking to the pediatrician dentist about a night-guard for her, as she grinds her teeth while she sleeps, but until then, does anyone have any suggestions on things we can try at home to help with that?


Age five is not too young to lose a first tooth. Since it is bothering her and bleeding, you might want to check with the pediatrician dentist in the morning to see what he/she recommends.

No advice on the teeth grinding -- sorry!


Dentists use a bite plate type thing that you put in your mouth at night to help with grinding. They are usually custom made by taking an impression of the teeth. I know you can find generic one-size-fits-all for adults at the drug store, but I'm not sure about for kids.

And, no, 5 years old is not too young for a loose tooth. It's about right on target.


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difficult child 3 is 13 and still losing baby teeth. He started losing them late. I remember classmates of his in Kindergarten (age 5-6) who had lost a tooth.

It varies from kid to kid.



difficult child is 12 and 6 months ago had an ortho consult. They wanted to put braces on but he still has 7 baby teeth. I told them no. His teeth are straight for the most part, but his canine teeth still are way up by his sinuses(per xray) don't know what will happen when they come in. I am afraid of getting braces (bottom pretty crowded). Most kids his age have had braces for a year or more.

5 is usual age. Ambesol, or oragel work well. When difficult child has a loose tooth he does the same. Keeps messing with it and bleeding. We have him rinse with warm salt water, or mouthwash if it isn't bleeding to bad.