Dentist...........The Saga Continues Part 2

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Well folks I now have no upper teeth.:tongue:

Valium is a miracle drug. If it weren't for that medication I would not be able to sit in that chair and let him do what he has to do to remove the teeth. Actually without it.......I'd be having one heck of a time even getting myself to go to each appointment. lol

Did have a few issues with the right side as it's been healing but nothing horrible. Like I thought they said to take 200mg of ibuprofen alt with the pain medications. But they said 800mg. And I'm sorry but 12 pain pills just don't cut it. :sick: Ok I actually was doing very well and most likely would not have even needed the 12 to be fair. Except our weather suddenly went from hot to damp cold poof! And I discovered damp/cold is a nitemare with newly pulled teeth. It makes the jaw bone ACHE like a mother!!! Once the pain medication was gone I coped with ibuprofen.....I upped it to 600mg but it was killing my stomach. (it's beginning to take it's tole) So I've had to turn on the furnace long before I'd normally consider such a thing. Ha! Then as the gums healed.......and I'm waiting for these things to stop being so sore......a burning type sore........and it just does't really happen.

Today was the 1st day I didn't take ibuprofen for the right side of the mouth. But temps went up into the higher 60s and the sun was back the time the rain showed up I was already medicated for having the others pulled. LOL I dunno why this phenomena should've taken me by surpise.......I'd had it many years ago with a jaw tooth that had had to be cut out. Guess I forgot. And I had a strong suspicion that the stitches were the culprit of the burning soreness. Which I was right......soon as the stitches were out it felt just fine.

So I told dentist man that 12 pain medications were not enough, plus wallie world likes to charge extra for a "special" number of pills. So he wrote me a script for 20 with another script for 20 more. Said they could either do it as a refill or just make it all at the same time. If we had any problems with them we were to have them call him.

It's walmart, of course we had a problem.:mad: Dentist has weird scripts. He prints it via computer. Even to me they don't look real, or at least iffy. Now I've got a thick wad of gauze packed in the left side of my mouth which is numb up to my eyeball. I've got no upper teeth on the right side. I'm still more than a bit loopy from the valium. And the drive home takes a half hour. By the time we reach the city limits I'm in so much pain I'm not stopping anywhere for anything. So when we got here husband snatched the script and took off for walmart. By the time they filled it the dentist office was closed for the day.

He gets home and hands it to me. (I'd survived the wait with 800mgs of ibuprofen) They did it WRONG! Oh they gave me 20 pills but NO refill. So I had husband call them. He was POed to the max. I explain what the dentist told me........because by that time I no longer had a wad of gauze in my mouth and could explain it to the darn pharmacist and told them call the dentist to verify the script.

Nope. Way the script was done walmart said it was just a duplicate and they wouldn't change it.:mad::mad: Nor would they call the dentist. Said we would have to call the dentist and have HIM call them and set it up as a refill. Grrrr

Not that it is really intended I take all 40 by far. Those were to make sure I had 1 to take before the appointment along with the valium next week since I'm having ALL the lower teeth done at once to stop that horrible painful ride home. And the rest would treat the pain that time. Same was done last week with the valium. He did give me a refill on it so I'd have them for next week when they gave it to me last week. (ok so his desk person did it.....hmm maybe she should've done the script this time. ugh)

I'm really beginning to hate walmart.:mad:

All is well tonite except I haven't quite figured out what to do with my tongue. All last week I kept it away from the affected area by pretty much pressing it to the teeth on the left side for the first 2 days. Only there are no teeth on the right side to press it against up top. lol And be darned if my tongue doesn't keep drifting over to the left like it's been trained. ughhhh Oh and eating pudding triggered quite a bit of bleeding......hmm not supposed to but it did. So did the trick the doctor told me and wrapped some gauze around a wet tea bag and bit down on it for a half hour. Worked like a charm.

I'm also taking the medications correctly this time. 4:30pm 800mg of ibuprofen, 6:30 pm pain medication, 8pm 800 mg of ibuprofen, and just now getting ready for the pain medication again. By the 3rd day you usually can manage with only the long as the weather isn't damp and cold that is.:tongue:

Next tuesday both sides of the lowers are coming out. I didn't ask him I TOLD him. Said sorry but I can't keep drawing this out forever when after the bottoms are pulled I've still got a 6wk healing time before the dentures. I've got to get a JOB.........and since I doubt highly someone is going to hire me with no teeth......this process has got to get over with asap. I was sorely tempted to tell him to do the lowers today too.......but yeah, wanted to make sure he wasn't going to give me just 12 pain medications to cover the pain. I understand his reasoning, I do. Each time you get a narcotic your name goes on a list and they keep track. He tries to keep it to a minimum, especially for patients like me who have chronic illnesses and may need pain medications for other reasons so some doctor won't say ohhhh but hey this person has been getting x amt of all these pain medications over a short period of perhaps they're a drug seeker and not want to give me some when I need it say for my kidneys.

God forbid a patient get adequate pain medications to cover something that is very painful. omg! Soooo sick of that crud.:mad:



I hate Walmart and Walgreen's. I've never had decent luck at either. Hope you can get that straightened out.

And at least you're on the road to feeling better, finally!


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Every doctor/dentist I have ever seen has complained about the number of prescriptions that Walmart and Walgreens each mess up and then refuse to call them about. I think it is nationwide. It is why I use a locally owned pharmacy - there is someone who's $$$ is on the line to complain to if there are problems!

Can you take prilosec for the stomach problems? Even if it is just for while you are on the ibuprofen it might help. I am sorry they messed up the rx, but at least you have enough medications to get you through the next few days.



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My one experience with Walmart pharmacy was when Miss KT first started Ritalin and they only gave me half the prescription, and I didn't realize it till our next dr visit. We had trouble with Walgreens too.

Lisa, hope your mouth is feeling better!


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Last night H went to the walmart pharmacy for E's paxil, blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications and insulin. All refills.

If they didn't know what the medications looked like, and/or didn't check... They would have been in a LOT of trouble. Walmart switched the blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Said there was no refill on the insulin and paxil (and they were OUT of the paxil and close on the insulin). Fortunately due to so many health problems they have extras of the scripts.

As for Walgreens, they've always done well for me. Gave me a discount when my insurance was being a PITA. So... Worth it, to me.

But geezie pete, come ON! Tooth pain is second to NOTHING in my book. Ibuprofen, valium, all that do nothing. Ketoprofen is the only thing that works, and you cannot get it OTC anymore (used to be Actron and Orudis KT). 12mg beats the snot out of 800mg of ibuprofen...

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Is there a Target pharmacy close to you? They are tremendous & actually call the doctors. Keeping you in my thoughts that you heal quickly.


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I say get a local pharmacy every time if you can. I have switched from the nationals to my little locally owned mom and pop drug store and they are so much better. They know me by name, keep all my medications in stock at my strength, will call my docs for me if a problem arises, know my kids names and even know Keyana's name and have her lollipop ready when we go through the drive thru! They even have the $4 generics!