depakote er and a cold?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mom23gsfg, Jan 17, 2008.

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    kenny has caught kirsten's cold ...ugh. he is on depakote er 750 mg. are there any cold medications he shouldn't take? i called the pharmacy and he said nothing he could think of that he shouldn't be able to take.....but i've noticed on here qiute a few things go against some of the medications so i just want to be sure.
    like i can give my kirsten tylonol with her asthma medications and she goes any suggestions will help..
    ive also heard some foods and other over the counter medications can "weaken " your reg medications
    besides the pharmacist isn't the one that's got to be around him if he does go haywire or maybe if he does start to act up i can just take him to the pharmicist's house :devil: lol
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    To my knowledge there are not any cold medications that conflict with Depakote, other than making them extra sleepy. I would use whatever you normally use for his stuffiness, unless the psychiatrist or pharmacist tells you otherwise. When my son was on Depakote we always used Robitussin, and it was fine.

    Good luck.