Developmental Disabilities

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    This site has some good info also.

    Healthy Development

    Hallmark Developmental Milestones
    Concerns About a Child

    Red Flags
    Sharing Concerns: Parent to Physician
    Sharing Concerns: Physician to Parent
    Sharing Concerns: Parent to Parent
    Screening Process: Making Observations

    Screening Guidelines
    Developmental Screening
    Audiological Screening
    Lead Screening
    Autism Screening
    Referral Process: Taking Action

    Early Intervention
    Your Local School District
    Understanding Your Insurance Plan
    What's Next?
    Developmental Delays and Disorders

    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Other Developmental Disorders

    Parent Resources

    Related Sites and Literature
    Guest Columns
    Printable Documents
    Physician Resources

    Related Sites and Literature
    First Signs Screening Kit
    Screening Tools
    Current Research
    Printable Documents
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    What a great resource, Alisha. I will archive this when it drops down.