Did aliens abduct and return different kid?


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Not sure what is going on, but check this out....After over two years in a mainstream class with a full time "shadow" and lots of difficulties and stress, non compliance, acting out and refusing to do any work, we finally tried to introduce a second medication to help him function better in class. After several unsuccessful attempts on improving his behavior or his ability to stay focused we finally put him on Seroquel which made him so aggressive (physically abusing the shadow) at school they asked him to leave( which they could do since it was a private school). Since besides the aggression, nothing was being accomplished at all ( he spent most of the day running up and down the halls, yelling and tantruming in class, throughing over desks and book shelves), so we willingly agreed to pull him out.

He was home schooled for 3 months, not nearly enough schoolwork and way too much TV. He was finally placed in a 12:1:1 class at a loacl public school. The class is considerd a class for "emotionally disturbed". The kids seem very grounded and they seem to be a nice group. He has been there for just over two weeks. His teacher reports NO BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS AT ALL (HUh????). She claims he is a sweet boy who follows directions, completes classwork, pays attention, contributes to the class and is doing great. She tells me that If she had a whole class of kids like him it would be the perfect class. WHO IS THIS KID??????. The teacher is aware that he is a good year behind (after all he missed more class than not due to his acting out over the past 2 years.) So, the teacher has modifed his class and homework and is reviewing 1st grade work with him ( he is in second grade). Previously, he refused to copy anything from the board or do anything written in class, now he is compliant to whatever needs to be done in class. In addition to the change in school, we have put him on Metadate which has to be contributing to this incredible turn around. I do not want to give myself or my son the EVIL EYE (so knock on wood), but OMG. from totally out of control to a well behaved kid - I am so thrilled, but wish I new exactly what the key was. I guess it is a combo of everything. Parent teacher conferences are on the 20th. But it is so sonderful to not be terrified everytime my cell phone rings that there is some crises going on at school and he needs to be picked up.


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Good luck, I hope the board curse about reporting miraculous turnarounds doesn't find you, lol! It's good news that he is doing so much better! :smile:


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I hope whatever it is that it is not temporary. I would be worried it is the teacher. See if she will follow him through 12th grade if it is! LOL!


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Wow! Way To Go! I hope it stays that way and he continues to behave and learn and more than that, learn about happiness and connectedness. Way To Go!!!!! :thumb: