Did any of you get/use your TAG cards?


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Quite a few of you said you had ordered TAG cards. Anybody used them yet?
I finally recieved mine, took a little longer to get here to Canada. I have 4 in my wallet for sudden urges/inspiration when it strikes. The 5th one I used.
I like in a 3 story triplex and on the top floor there is a wonderful older couple. They are super friendly, have gone out of their way to welcome difficult child into the building. When I am not feeling well, can't walk etc they take all of the garbage out on garbage day and refuse to let me help or do it. They ask me how I'm feeling when I see them, they always have time for my hyper dog, etc.
They both work and the wife works outside even in bad weather. I noticed that because she is in the elements often that she sort of just throws her hair up, puts on a hat (it's finally winter here!) and bundels up for warmth instead of fashion sense. In the summer months she pays more attention to these things. I did notice a few mornings that she seemed down about her bundled up appearance etc.
So I stuck a envelope with a TAG card in her mailbox with a gift certificate to a nearby salon for a wash/cut/style. I put a typed note with it saying that she is recognized for working so hard for her community in her job and enjoy a couple of hours of pampering because she earned it.
I can't wait to see her without her hat one day to see if/when she uses it because I'll know she indeed had some pampering. I did notice the next morning she was extra perky so I'm hoping it made her day.
I am not very imaginative so I'm having a hard time coming up with other uses for the TAG cards, not to mention I purchased the certificate for the hair thing at a charity auction so got a great deal but in general I can't afford bigger things like that to do. So looking for less expensive things but I want the meaning to stay strong anyhow, and it isn't about money, it's about someone knowing they are thought about.
So anyone else use a TAG yet? What did you do? Any ideas to share?



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Melissa, it's funny you should ask. I received them last week and my girls and I have thought about who we could give one too. Today I decided on someone who literally saved us from having a bad accident.

Daughter A and I went with my twin sister to pick her truck up at the garage where it got repaired. I waited for my twin sister to pull out first. The driveway was SUPER icy. I know this was probably a workplace hazard considering how much rain we've had but....anyways...

When I stepped on the gas, I let go of the break just a smidgen and ugh the truck pulled sideways, slid on the ice. I grabbed the emergency break and it stopped. Thank God! Well, Tourette's Syndrome pulled out and I started going but the truck started sliding when I tried to turn the wheel, straight it kept going. Nothing, no breaks would work and OMG....I was gonna go in this VERY deep ditch across the lot. I frantically grabbed the emergency break and we stopped, but just millimeters away from the top of the ditch.

Our hearts were just a jumping, pain in my chest, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, literally. Anyways, I was like OMG A go tell the guy that we need his help. Tourette's Syndrome had gone alittle ways up the road. She would tell me after that she didn't know what we were doing, because from where she was pulled off the side of the road, it looked like we were just sitting there and she wondered why. Daughter A's like "But what do I tell him Mom?' I said just tell him that the truck slid and we almost went in the ditch. And I know she was terrified to go into the garage plus how scared this made her, but I wasn't going to let go of the breaks for one single second, nore let her stay in the truck. I wanted her out of the truck NOW actually. I didn't know if the truck would start sliding again. This ditch was deep enough that we could have been seriously hurt.

The mechanic and his assistant came out and calmly came over. He told me to let him in and I was like I don't think I should move, what if the truck moves. He said is the 4-wheel drive on and I was like no. He knew the emergency break was on so he was confident that the truck wouldn't slide. I was not so confident but let him in. I remember thinking as A walked back to the truck that she can't get back in and I told her so. By this time, my twin sister had driven back to us when she seen A come out with the mechanic and assistant.

We were both scared and shaking. Anyways, the mechanic got it backed up and straightened with the 4-wheel drive. I wish I had his confidence. He did it so calmly. He could have easily went into the ditch, but you know what, he didn't hesitate one instance to help us. NOT ONE!

I thanked him greatly and as I got back into the truck he said "Say a prayer for us!" I said I will, I will......

So, I am going to send him something nice. I might buy a bottle of his favourite liquor, not something I would normally do, but he helped out BIG TIME today. I don't like buying alcohol as gifts for anyone, but I don't know this mechanic too personally. He's been a friend of my dad's forever it seems.

And I know the fun of the whole tag thing is to do it anonymously but....what would you do?


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I got them a while back, but haven't gotten to use them yet. I just went on the site last night to check to see what others have done. I put them in my wallet so I have them when I need one.


Hmmm....I haven't received mine yet. I guess I'll have to request them again.


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I got mine awhile back and keep them in my purse. I just haven't had the opportunity to use one yet. I did, though, give 2 to people I know who do things like this. One is a neighbor of my dad's. To look at this guy you would have no clue he's a millionaire. Ratty trucker or baseball hat, t-shirt and jeans in the summer and t-shirt, flannel shirt and jeans in the winter, long hair always in a braid and half the time in need of some deodorant. Soooooooooooo nice though. He doesn't work anymore (won the lottery) so he has a general routine that he follows involving eating out or going to the bar in a restaurant for a beer. He was in one recently before Christmas and watched a young man in military uniform buy some gift cards. Listened to the guy talk to the cashier about recently getting home from Iraq (or getting ready to leave, not sure which) and told the cashier to put them on his tab. I gave him one of the cards so he could order more because like I said, he's always doing things like that. I have to giggle a bit at the thought though. When I picture people seeing this long haired, flannel shirt, there's no way this guy has money, person paying for their stuff I can't help but giggle. No one would believe he could afford it! lol I haven't seen him since I gave him one of the cards but I'm sure he's ordered more and have no doubt he'll be using them.

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I did receive my tag cards, and they are sitting on my kitchen counter where I see them every day. I have not used them yet.

I am having difficult feelings about using them now. You see, any anonymous act of kindness I can think of is for someone really in time of need. I can't imagine attaching a tag card telling them to pass on the kindness when they are in a crisis themselves. Do you understand what I mean? An example is of a man from church who was in a life-threatening accident in early December.. He is paralyzed but can move his right arm. He is just now beginning to speak a little because they are trying to wean him off his respirator. The doctors are not sure if there is any brain damage. He is going to be in the hospital for many months to come. Anyway, I heard that other people from church are sending his wife car gas gift cards in the mail, as the hospital is quite a distance from her home. I thought that is a wonderful act of kindness. I can see doing this anonymously, but I cannot see including a tag card. I'm sure she is barely getting through each day.

For me, the tag cards have opened my eyes to opportunities to help people in crisis. It just doesn't seem appropriate to include the tag card. Does anyone else feel this way?

p.s. I understand the way the other posters are saying they used their gift cards; those ways seem appropriate. I'm just asking about people in crises.



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Sue, I see what you mean...hmm actually, it IS hard to really know who to send one too. I only say this guy who helped us because daughter A and I were TERRIFIED! If you had seen howclose we were to this big deep ditch you would totally understand us more. To say we were petrified is another thing. I guess for me it was his last parting words before we got back into the truck to drive away..."Say a prayer for us!" is what he said. And I dunno, since the cards are from a certain religious site, I just thought it would be appropriate.~shrugs~

But you're right, it is harder to notice when someone does something really worthwhile. And not because they have too but because they want too, big difference, right?

I have a little decorative ceramic book that reads "Big angels visit us in our sore dismay. But little ones go in and out all day" I know I've posted this quote somewheres before, but it seems more appropriate now.



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I haven't used my yet, either, but they are in my wallet at the ready. The idea is amazing - and I can't wait to find just the right recipient!

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Wouldn't you know it, I didn't have my tag cards in my purse. husband, Melissa, and I were on the way home from the store when we saw a man standing outside his car with the flashers going and the hood up. It's in the 20's today and lightly snowing. I told husband to stop. He said I'm sure he's OK. I said, no, turn around and see if he needs help. Well, the man was Hispanic and barely spoke any English, but he managed to say "clutch broke" and "phone broke." So we let him use our cell phone and he made a call to someone for help. He said "thank you" and we drove away. What a nice feeling!