Did anyone else watch "This is Us" after the Superbowl?


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Just wondering if anyone else is a depressed as me today because of this awesome and heartbreaking show. What did you think?


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We taped it and were too tired to watch last night so will watch tonight! I'll let you know tomorrow. LOL

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I love that show! Great story and I like how they weave the past in there. What a tearjerker!!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Watched it last night. Thought they did a great job of wrapping up that part of the story. Have another one to watch tonight.

Used some kleenex on that one...

I'm not depressed because after what our son has put us through, it takes A LOT to get me down nowadays. Maybe that's a good thing?


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Oh yeah. Never miss a moment. The funeral was really sad. But the doctor. The doctor gets to me every time. I sure wish Kevin would get the F over it already. I find I'm the most impatient with his character.