Did we overreact?


one day at a time
MOF---THIS Is progress! Really, truly. Read you own posts, and how things were when he was in your house. Now, he is having to deal with the real world.

Try as hard as you can to leave him alone as long as you can. Let him see what he can do. This is progress, I hope you feel it, and can relax and live your own life for a while, and just. let. him. go.

Warm hugs.


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Now it's been seven weeks. He still doesn't want to communicate with us. His friend tells us that our son is not "doing stuff" anymore -- I hope not. His older sister has invited him to stay with them as he's saying he's not smoking, drinking, doing drugs etc. I hope he's being honest -- I hope he will be respectful at her home. Just praying that kicking him out of our home was a wake-up call or life-lesson, etc., and that he is starting to understand the consequences of bad choices.Our home is much more peaceful -- not totally calm, but a lot of the tension has dissipated. I appreciate having been able to read others stories on this forum and for the support I received at my first pivotal moments. It helped me feel strong when those around me weren't being supportive.