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That I hate my daughter and don't care about her at all? Just ask difficult child. She'll tell you. She tells me all the time. I'm glad she informed me, cause I wasn't aware of this myself. What would I do without difficult child telling me how I feel?

This is me muttering to myself. :hypnosis:

I'm having a bad parenting day.


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Oh, I know!! Isn't it so strange that while they can be the terrorist children that they are, and we CONTINUE to allow them to live in our homes, and interact with us, and spend time with us, even though, you know, we just don't care about them at all, we are put in their lives to make them miserable....as if we keep them around because we ENJOY being pushed around!!!!! Or, I guess those are just the "battle scars" we get for conspiring to make them miserable!!!


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Isn't that a slap in the face? After all we do for these ungrateful little you know whats!!!!! I hear that all of the time. Everything is my fault and I single handedly ruined my daughter's life.

If they only knew how much we do love them and empathize with them? That we would bear their burden's for them if we could?
Sometimes, ah heck, all of time I wish that statement was true : "You don't love me!" Life would be easier, it wouldn't hurt so much!!!!

Hang in there. :smile:


Oh, yea. I've heard it.

Had to be honest with the little smarty pants. "I love you 24/7 -- can't say I like you every minute of every day. This is one of those minutes."

I think they are either trying to manipulate or we are doing a very good job at parenting. lol


My dtr claimed that I sent her to her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) so I would look good to other parents--what?! Since when are other parents impressed that your kid is so out of control that you have to send them away?!
Kids are weird....


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Isn't it crazy? We try to explain that if we didn't love him then we reall wouldn't care what he did. We wouldn't take him places or buy him things. But I don't think he gets the logic. I keep praying that one day he will.


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I ruined my son's life just two days ago. I had the nerve to make him come inside and tear him away from his friends to look for a book he borrowed from his classroom and had to return the next day.

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Do you think reverse psychology would work on them?? You know, something like, "Huh - you're RIGHT! Thanks for letting me know!" and then walk away??

ForEVER, difficult child would tell me this. I always had my stock response of "I love you" in a very high pitched sing song voice. That usually shut her up fast.


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Yeah and don't forget the "I HATE you"'s and the "You're MEAN"'s

And we're the ones that don't love them! :hammer:

GO FIGURE! :slap:

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Sometimes I tell him I tell him I took classes on how to be mean!

Don't they know that that's what we're here for to ruin their lives? Geez! Hugs.