dietary supplements?


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I mentioned to my daughter's Dr. that when agitated after school, sometimes giving her a snack high in protein seems to calm her. He suggested that I check out something called Empower Plus at and something else on called serenity Lithium Orthinate(I couldn't get this webpage to come up). Has anyone heard anything about these? They seem to be something worth trying, but are pretty expensive (approx. $70 twice a month). Since we are already trying other treatments which we have to pay out of pocket for, I don't want to add something else without some information first. Any information for or against would be appreciated.


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Ann- I was able to find the product you were looking for at I don't have any experience with this sort of product but I would be concerned because lithium bloodlevels are usually monitored regularly through bloodwork. I believe lithium can also damage thyroid function and it's best to be administered under the care of a physician. I'm not saying don't buy it, but research carefully. I get leery when I see a website declaring a product as 100% safe & effective. Be very cautious and follow your gut on this.
I have heard of Empower but have not used it. I would certainly work closely with the doctor in determining whether these supplements will be helpful for your child.