Differences between IDEA/IEP and 504s


I was wondering if anyone knows a site that can explain to me the difference between 504's IDEA iep's fape.
i am going to try and get additional help for my daughter at the school. we have had the school give her a full evauluation. they say she does not qualify for resource or emotionally at risk even though the rport says she is at risk and she is 3 grades behind in comprehension, reading, vocab etc.
i mentioned to the school i know of a 504 dis act and they said they dont mind making accomodations for my daughter but i have to come up with them and i dont have a clue where to start.


Before you bypass the IEP option, tell me more about what happened at the IEP eligibility meeting after the evaluations were complete?

Did you get a copy of the report? If not, you need to -- inclusive of subtest scores if they are not in the report.

Read the recommendations. If your child is 3 yrs behind in areas and there are no appropriate recommendation how the school district is going to address this issue, there's a problem. If you don't agree with-the report FOR ANY REASON, you can request an IEE -- it's at no charge to the parents.

Advising a parent to come up with-accommodations for a 504 is a new one, but it could be a good one. :laugh: I'd put together a "plan" that would knock their socks off. You'll find some "accommodation" information on my library page.

This is the information you requested, but don't give up on the possibility of an IEP just yet.












the iep meeting was done close to the end of last school yr which was march this yr.
the resource teachers, counsellor & school psyc were there and if i can remember the dept prinicpal. because my daughters math test came out well she is in 9th grade got a 12.4 grade on the math test and a 6 grade on the reading comprehension test she doesnt require resource.
i had to beg and harrass for the test results and i finally got them after weeks of annoying the school. everyone that was there just agreeed she didnt fit the criteria for resource and that we should just watch her, i didnt know what to say so i just sat there. the counsellor since has left but before she did she said to get my daughter retested the start of this school yr. well i have been emailing and calling the school child pysc asking if he can set up a meeting 3 weeks after school started to get the 504 on the way and nothing as yet i asked him to do another iep and restest her he said the test wouldnt show much difference so i didnt bother pursueing it. so i called the school yesterday again to be told the school pysc doesnt do that the 504 & principal does and i have to get a letter from the psychiatrist saying she is diagnosed with a.d.d and depression so the 504 can be used. my psychiatrist has faxed the letter to the school and next monday i plan on going to the school but i need to learn about what i should be asking for.
looks like i have some reading ahead of me.
i took my daughter to a family literacy center (volunteer elderly people) they tested her and said she has syllibication and phonics problems and can read at a 6th grade reading level. i told the school this and the school said if i can get a note from the center with some suggestions to help my daughter they would appreciate it. i said to the school how can you expect my daughter to continue on at school when she cant read. they didnt give me a answer just said i should ask the school pysc.
i thought the school would have more knowledge on helping me daughter. she did test for problems socially when they did all the tests in march. said she was at risk and coz it said that the school said ohh we will watch her.
we have had 5 kids charged by the police for harrassment & lewdness since 2001 (coz my daughter has poor social skills) when i decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the police. before that the school ignored our problems of harrassment from 1999-2001 and now i am about to go again and get a kid charged for lewdness. my daughter gets harrassment really bad on the bus and at school. she gets touched at school by pupils in inappropriate places and gets things thrown at her. in middle school the principal said we should be grateful my daughter had 3mths of peace so i told him what i thought.
so on one hand im dealing with a kid who causes us stress and on the other hand i am trying to help her as much as i can. its hard. i dont know how to fight the school system and the bus depot for all thats been happening. the bus depot makes the out of control kids sit up the front meanwhile the other kids start up where the other bad kids have left off. i feel like ripping my child out of school and off the bus but i keep saying to myself she has a right to be there like everyone else.


#1 -- If the school said they were going to retest, there's a reason the former couselor recommended it. Don't let it go.

#2 -- Any type request of this nature needs to be reduced to writing and be sent certified mail. The certified mail causes mandated timelines to kick in.

#3 -- Your daughter is 3 yrs behind in reading. I'd recommend that you not let the sd slide on this. There's a thread in on page 1 of this forum regarding reading and dyslexia -- lots of good info there for you.

#4 -- Consider getting an advocate to help you work with-the school district. You'll find some listed at www.fetaweb.com.

#5 -- The time likely has passed wherein you can get an IEE at school district cost. Check your state regs. I'd recommend you get a psychoeducational evaluation for your daughter. As a parent, I found this information important. https://web.archive.org/web/20071115043840/http://www.adhd-add.info/flash.html

I know it's hard. Frustrating also when there's help available and sd's refuse to provide it.


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