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    between a difficult child and a easy child can be amazing. I took easy child, difficult child and easy child nephew (boy age 6) to Wal-Mart tonight. Nephew listened, followed directions, and even corrected difficult child. difficult child was having a good day, but still he always has listening problems. He is just inattentive and hyper, especially excited as cousin was with us.

    I was just blown away by how nephew was in comparison to difficult child. It reaffirmed my belief that difficult child is a difficult child. I guess I really did not need that, but it was interesting to see the difference between the two boys, especially since they were both boys.
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    I totally understand. Sometimes we can get lulled by a difficult child that is not violent and demanding. It only takes only a short time in the presence of a easy child to see the difference!!

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    I think it showed me how demanding difficult child truly is. I try so hard not to compare difficult child to his sis, that I think I actually have succeeded. It was amazing to see him with another boy, especially one I think is near difficult child's true functioning level (6 or 7)
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    Yes, I think we all normalize our difficult child's behavior to some extenet so that we can function. It is quite a reality check to see them toe-to-toe with a easy child peer. Lately, I have actually been pleased with my difficult child boys to see that they are 'closer' to their easy child counterparts than they were last year. I'm glad your difficult child was having one of his good days.
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    I know. Sometimes I actually get teary-eyed, watching other people's kids.
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    i know i look at other children and there parents seem to have it easy . no troubles but i have learned to thank god for my difficult child if it wasn't for him i would have a boring life(lol) and get more sleep :bloodshot:!.

    but god will not give us anything in our life that we can't handle and i am thankful everyday that i have both of my children and just pray and do the very best i can and let god handle the rest. every thing that looks good is not good for you . but there are differences but not every child is the same and they learn different so that is a part of life, but i do wish for a day of peace i get it at bed time ! :bath: