difficult child 1 is driving me crazy!

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    It's been a while folks, I'm kind of sad to be back :( But I needed somewhere to vent, and you guys are always great when I'm at my wits end.

    Quick update: My divorce was final a couple of years ago. We've moved away from the house we shared with the kids' father, same town. The kids don't see or speak to their father.

    So all my kids are doing well, except my difficult child 1 is doing everything he can to push my buttons: break every rule in the house, pesters everyone to the breaking point, routinely refuses every simple request or demand, gets into everything he wants whether he's allowed to or not and just takes it, hits difficult child 2, stays up all night and sleeps half the day on the couch and then gets angry and beligerant with anyone that wakes him and everyone once he's awake....refuses to eat anything he doesn't like which is most everything and the list grows every week mostly because it vexes me to no end. Generally a royal pain in the rear.

    I gave up calling the police when he hits because the cops here honestly think i'm harrassing them because it's just sibling normalcy. I can't kick him out till he's 18 (9 1/2 months!) but he's throwing my house into chaos and making the other kids see that i can't really MAKE them do anything they don't want to simply by sitting there grinning like an idiot and ignoring me. GRRRRRRR!


    Vent over.
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    Wow! I am so sorry. It sounds a lot like my 10 yr old and I am worried about the future. Hopefully others will come along with some advice. Hang in there!