difficult child 1 is competing with a bunch of kids from lots of schools in a computer programming competition today. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I want him to do really well. Computers might be his only ticket to steady employment... On the other hand, he has such grandiose notions. He thinks he is superior to everyone!!! If he does really well, this will only reinforce his distorted sense of self...

Also, if he doesn't do as well as he expects to do, maybe it might make him think a bit... Maybe it might dawn on him that flunking out of high school isn't the way to go... However, a bigger part of me is hoping he does well. He is going to need a job. Plus, being his mother, I really want him to be happy!!!

I guess I should be grateful that he hopefully has a marketable skill. However, his inflated sense of self and his absolute refusal to do anything he doesn't want to do, might get him fired no matter how good he is with computers...

I guesss I'm just rambling... WFEN


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How did he do, WFEN?

I think all you can do is stand by and cheer him on. At least he has a positive outlook on himself, even if it is a little over the top :rolleyes:


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I hope things go well with the competition and that somehow is ego doesn't get too inflated. It's good he has a marketable skill but I know how frustrating it is that they don't have the people skills to go along with it.


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I hope he does well so you get to brag! I got to do that for the first time in many years. It was great!
:frown: difficult child 1's team came in last. I feel so badly for him!!! Last year his school came in second place. difficult child 1 wasn't on the team last year and all of last year's members were seniors and not on this year's team.

On a positive note, difficult child 1 handled the loss well. However, on a not so positive note, he still thinks he is better than everyone else. He blamed his team's loss on the other members. He said he did his part perfectly :hammer:. Then he said that this year was only a practice anyway - next year his team will "whip their a**'s" (I had to remind difficult child that a**'s is not acceptable language!)

He has another programming competition in a few weeks. His instructor told the team that this one is alot easier and he thinks they'll do well. Time will tell...

Unfortunately, I don't think this experience is going to make a bit of difference as far as difficult child 1 getting better grades in school. As far as he is concerned, he is PERFECT in every way!!! All of us are beneath him. He truly believes he'll get whatever he wants in life because he is so much better than every other human being on this planet :hammer:!!! HELP!!! :hammer: :rofl:

As husband says, difficult child 1 is going to have learn the hard way... WFEN

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I'm sorry I missed this yesterday. I'm so glad that difficult child was able to compete. And I must say, this cyber auntie is proud of his ability to handle the competition so well.

There's always the next competition for "Mr. Perfect". :rofl: