difficult child 1's "procedure" scheduled for 1/11 at 1:15pm

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Now I just hope I can keep him healthy between now and then. He goes in for his pre-op physical at 4:30pm today. He started getting sore throat/cough on 12/30, but the throat is fine now and he still has a slight cough. I really, really hope this doesn't mess things up!

    The urologist's office says they need my uncle's stepson's pediatrician's office to fax over confirmation that the stepson/cousin is chickenpox-free. And I'm hoping this isn't going to put my uncle, who can't seem to even manage getting through a phone menu system, completely over the top. My mom is very frustrated with her bumbling brother, so I made the call to him so she won't have another blood pressure spike, lol. Hopefully when he gets home from work today he'll take care of it. His wife is out of town this week, so it's all on him -- not that she'd be any more effective. :rolleyes:

    Pray for NO complications this week!
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    Fingers crossed that your uncle comes through with this. All he has to do is call the pediatrician's office to put through the request. If he grumbles, point out the inconvenience caused by exposing your son to the risk of chickenpox. He's already had a course of Acyclovir, and this is not YOU asking for this, it is your son's surgeon who needs the clearance.

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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your son.

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    All body parts crossed and prayers being said!!