difficult child 2 and the crib

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Aug 5, 2007.

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    I think this one is partly my fault. We've started using timeouts when difficult child 2 hits, pushes, ect... (This aggression is new for him.) And while I was cleaning their room (difficult child 2 and easy child share) he kicked easy child. Normally timeout is on the piano bench downstairs, but I thought that sticking him in the crib would be a good time out spot. He can't get out easily and no toys. I stuck him in the crib. Timeout ended and he kicked easy child again. Back in the crib, timeout ended. He asked to go into the crib, and I said no. He then goes over to easy child, kicks him, and stands in front of the crib. He got time out in the cornor. Since then we've had problems keeping him out of the crib. I'll wake to easy child crying in the night and find that difficult child 2 has gotten in the crib and squashed him against the rails.

    The good things happening are that difficult child 2 has begun to echo whole sentances. This is preferrable to the silence that was just a few months ago. The articulation isn't great (I think I'm the only one who can understand him) but it's improvement.
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    Well, it does not matter whether or not it was your fault, that is neither here not there. But it is a problem, and needs to be addressed.

    I wonder if difficult child 2 is feeling nostalgic about the crib? Now that he has been back in it, he remembers being there as a baby and wants to continue being there? Anyways, something has to be done to keep him out so he does not hurt the one year old, especially now that he has discovered aggression.

    Perhaps move the crib into your room?
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    Do you have a portable crib that you could leave set up that he could have as his own little space to climb in when he wants?

    That's great about the language!
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    Perhaps you could pick him up a small tent or fort for him to use? I've seen them from $20-25 at Target or Walmart. He may like feeling a little closed in when he's upset. Have you ever tried a weighted vest or blanket?
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    I am worried about what this will do to your easy child. I see a real potential for injury.

    I can say that I might have done the same thing had my kids been closer in age. Please don't beat yourself up about this.

    Can you put up a second crib? Maybe post on freecycle for one or ask at a church? Make sure that your 2yo has HIS and your 1yo has HIS. That they don't share them.

    Cribs generally have a weight limit, and with 2, well, .....

    I can see that your 2yo may want the "safe space" that your 1yo cant get to him in. Is it possible that he jsut wants to be left alone?

    He certainly has figured out how to get what he wants, hasn't he??


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    I highly recommend a crib tent. I started using one when my son was 10 mos and starting climbing out of his crib. I have the one that has mesh around all four sides along with the tent on top which is great because nothing can fall out or be put in that you don't want in. It is actually closer to $70 but worth every penny. The only problem is that eventually my son figured out how to work the zipper open, which I'm sure your 2 yo could easily figure out from the outside, even with the zipper tucked in like it is supposed to be. I just solved that problem with a safety diaper pin. I can't say enough about the peace of mind the crib tent will provide!
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    If your difficult child 2 is only age 2 and has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) I might be inclined to let him have the crib back. Get a 2nd for easy child or move easy child into a portable crib in another area of the house. My difficult child didn't move out of the crib completely until he was past age 4.
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    I referred to it as "crib time", when I'd discipline one of my kids by putting them in the crib. Practiced "crib time" when I used to babysit, too.

    Biting, kicking, hair-pulling... that earned the child in our home a good old-fashioned proper spanking.
  9. Pink Elephant

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    Had one in our house that was still in the crib at age 4. Diapers, too.