difficult child 2 exhausted after first day back

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, Feb 16, 2010.

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 2 went back to school today after having missed all last week due to the flu. He really only had energy to work on some of his assignments yesterday. Well, tonight he crashed at 5:30pm after only being home about an hour.

    This is sort of the pattern he was going into in the weeks leading up to the flu. He'd get really tired around 5:30-ish, sleep for a 90 minutes to 2 hours, then I'd get him up and he'd finish his homework. I figured part of it was the fact that we'd bumped up his afternoon Seroquel XR dose and reduced the nighttime dose. Maybe it's just too much. But he was getting so wound up in the afternoons -- some days he'd come home and I could tell just by the look on his face. And he would admit on those days to feeling like his head was "buzzing" a little bit.

    I'm sure part of the fatigue tonight is due to him still recuperating. I couldn't get him to get out of bed even after close to three hours. I'm going to try again in a few minutes.

    If this pattern continues this week, I'm going to ask the psychiatrist about cutting back the afternoon dose again.

    It's such a balancing act still. I will be SO happy when we finally figure this all out!
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    He was really sick. I'm not surprised he's exhausted.

    It is really hard to get the medications tweaked just right. It takes some time. I don't know this from difficult child since she's been so...uh...anti-medication, but with me it's taken almost 3 years to get them right. And with a growing boy, it's just that much harder.

    I'm hoping you guys can get there quickly.
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    Hope you get things back on track so that BOTH of you can get some real rest. I know we the moms of difficult child's don't get much sleep especially if your is like mine. Yeah I am not happy that difficult child came home sick yesterday -he said that the room they had him in was freezing and one the floor monitors gave him an extra blanket and the night monitor accused him of taking it from someone else and took it away. It takes a lot for my difficult child to be down from being sick but I see the start and hope he gets rid of it quick because he is suppose to meet his only niece this weekend(she is 3 months)
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    HUGS (((((gcvmom)))))

    The flu can last 2 weeks or more.....so you could wait for difficult child to recover or you could cut him back temporarily until he recovers. Most of all....his fatigue is not your fault or from the medications...the flu is HARDCORE!!!! Whenever one of my kids gets it....they are out of school anywhere from 1-2 weeks with 3 weeks of recovery. Not too long ago we had the really bad strain A with a 2 week fever!!!!!!!!

    One note though.......mono can look just like the flu. So if he is still really tired...you may want to take him into the doctor so they can run some tests and check for enlarged spleen etc. My neighbors recently had mono...so it is going around our area. There is a 1 month incubation period, so if other kids start coming down with the "flu" in a month...u may be looking at mono! Both my kids had it about 2 years ago and we were told it was the flu by a doctor in the beginning until the fatigue was so bad...they did a mono spot test and it came back positive!

    Thinking of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for difficult child!!!!!!