difficult child-A is trying to make some changes

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    difficult child-A hasn't been around for a few days. On Saturday he did stop by to say that it was his second day of not drinking, smoking or doing pot. He was trying to stay clean and sober.

    I didn't hear from him again. So when I talked to husband yesterday (he's on the other coast), I asked if he had heard anything. He hadn't so he called difficult child-A. When husband told difficult child-A that he should let me know that he's okay once in a while, difficult child-A said he didn't think I cared. That floored me. I thought we were past all that.

    So, I sent difficult child-A a text asking if I did anything to make him feel that way. I got back a response of "You didn't do anything I just thought that". I told him that I care a lot, always have and always will. To that, I got back "It's not your fault. I'm sorry I assumed Mom. I love you with all I have."

    Then he told me he was staying with a certain friend because "he is the only person that I can be around adn know that I can stay sober".

    That fact that he is trying to stay sober is good, but the biggest improvement is that he responded to my text and we were able to talk about how he felt. Just for him to acknowledge his own feelings is such a big step for him.

    Oh, and a few weeks ago, he said that he knew he needed counseling but just wasn't ready to do it. Admitting you have a need is the first step.
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    Sounds good! :thumbsup:

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    Great post. Any step forward is a good thing. Wish I would get the same call from Sweet Betsy. :D