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    difficult child called me at lunch time (I expected he would). I heard him say to someone in the background, "I am letting her know what time to write down." That was his excuse to call me and let me know he was having a headache (again). "..... and mom, I feel like crying when I talk." He is trying so hard and is in so much misery.

    We talked to his teacher this morning. She said that now we know what is going on, she can help him work through it. She was going to make sure the lights stayed on during chapel (when the lights are dimmed, it seems to bother difficult child). I haven't asked difficult child yet if they did stay totally bright.

    His teacher also said that she was willing to take all the necessary breaks he would need on the field trip. I told her I was mostly concerned that if he did have an anxiety or panic attack, he would not recover from it very quickly if at all until he arrived home. husband had told her that he is in the cities that day but he can not transport difficult child with the state vehicle. Right now the plan remains that difficult child goes without me and call on husband for help if need be. Maybe sister in law could help in picking him up from wherever and I could drive down that night or Saturday morning to get him?

    difficult child is doing better this afternoon. He made it through school and bowling. He left the bowling alley angry because, "I always get in the 120's". Even after I showed him his record of maybe 1/2 the games if even lately were in the 120's. He still beat his average again today. I hate that attitude he was showing - that is not like him either. He does get upset once in awhile but this time was angrier, different. I finally came out and said, "Stop that attitude!"

    We got home and after taking puppy for a walk, he did some of his homework (the stuff due for tomorrow). I need to get him to start what is due for Wednesday.

    Diva got her radio stolen from her jeep (sitting in our driveway) sometime between 3:00 am and 7:45 am Sunday morning. She called saying she found a cheap CD player and would I meet her at Walmart. I was thinking it was for her bedroom so agreed to go. Then as I thought about it she called asking were we were. I asked if the CD player was for the jeep. "Yes" "Then NO! I will not replace that radio. You need to earn money and replace it yourself." I wouldn't put it past her to have friends stealing her stuff thinking, "Oh, if you say it was stolen, your parents will replace it." So, she is not very happy with me right now. I am surprised she didn't start swearing at me when she got home. Maybe it will come later!

    So, ugh in our home this week.
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    Good for you on not buying the cd player for easy child/diva. As for difficult child, I'm sorry he is experiencing so much anxiety, I will be keeping a good thought he does well on the field trip. I hope the week takes a turn for the better.
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    When people in my family are having a hard time with their anxiety, I've found that it often gets expressed through misplaced anger (my DAD, my husband, difficult child 1, easy child, ME :p). Wonder if that's part of the attitude you got after bowling?