difficult child and his pillow at arbys

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Aug 10, 2012.

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    difficult child slept through the two hour trip. Woke him up when we got to Arby's...two blocks from my docs. Plan was he can go eat and I'll be back in an hour. He leaves with a full size bed pillow in tow. Remember, all his stuff is there to go back to the sober house.

    I return. He hasnt eaten. Sitting at a table. Pillow on table. Head on pillow. Sound asleep. I actually take picture with my cell. Wake him.

    It's 10. Sober House says come at 3. He asks for new shoes. Truthfully, that is a need. He refuses Kohls...not good enough, DSW? Nope. Wants to go to a skateboard shop in the mall for them. Nope. Fool can go barefoot.

    I do some shopping and ignore everything he says. Told my sponor i now get why some animls eat their young. Then, i get fed up. I head towards the soberhouse two hours early. He can bloody well sit on the porch there and wait.

    He figures out where i am going, not happy. Oh well. I give one of the managers a large check. difficult child finally unloads his stuff. As soon as he walked away with the last load, i was outta there. No goodbyes.
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    P.S. you just get to a point where all you want, all you need, all you think about is simply for the pain to STOP.

    I am grateful beyond words for the wonderful people who work with addicts though....they should be sainted.
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    How infuriating! Idiot is being picky about shoes when his life is a disaster?? You showed remarkable restraint if you didn't scream at him.
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    AG whenever my difficult child wad coming off something she slept constantly. In rehab they told us that was their body reacting to them abstaining. It may be that he hadn't had anything to drink for a couple days and that's why he slept do much. I always knew when difficult child was getting sober that way.

    I'm glad he's there and I would have walk out without a goodbye too.

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    Good on you AG! Powerful move. My brother once bought his teenage son velcro, old man shoes and a pair of tacky jeans. He told him everytime he was entitled and demanding he would be wearing his new clothes. Saw my nephew quite often in his new "duds". I use to think it was cruel. Now I understand (having my own difficult child) and totally get it.
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    You are my hero.
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    Time to grab your pillow and try to sleep away the stress for awhile. You're doing a great job running the marathon and not just a sprint. Hugs. DDD
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    Good for you for not giving in about the shoes. Kohls and DSW not good enough? Wow. Hugs to you, I know how hard it is to keep your cool in that scenario, you did it though.
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    Yup, add my difficult child to the list of sleepers. When I brought her to the hospital for surgery, she sprawled out on the couches, fell asleep in the chair during intake, etc. So embarrassing...