difficult child and pneumonia

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Sep 27, 2009.

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    difficult child has had a hacking cough for days (well over a week) and just in the past couple of days started complaining his chest hurt when he coughed!

    Friday we finally took him to an immediate care (out of town) and they took a chest xray. The said it looks like he is in the beginning stages of pneumonia. They were amazed by his cough, couldn't believe it was coming out of a 12 year old-even, asked if he smoked. They said he sounded very croupish. We came away with 3 new prescriptions for him.

    For the most part he still has energy and is still acting very gfgish. However, last night at the wedding we were at, he was happy to come home early and go to bed (which is totally unlike difficult child). Last night he really spiked a fever, today none so far-thank goodness.

    I'm hoping they caught it so early that it won't develop into much. They did say he should see his regular pediatrician on Monday.

    Of course, the difficult child part of him is showing through. Half the time he coughs he doesn't cover his mouth. If we're in the car he will roll down the window and try to spit out of it which, of course, doesn't work well. He will even take the stuff he has coughed up and wipe it in his clothes at time (even when kleenex are available). Sometimes he will just spit out on to the floor. It's driving husband, easy child, and me crazy! He knows what to do but just won't do it! It is truly gross!

    Thanks for listening!
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    Sharon, I'm glad you caught his pneumonia and got him on medications. It should clear things up.

    Sorry he's acting so GFGish, but sometimes illness brings out the worst in our difficult children.

    Hope things improve soon!
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    I hope he gets better soon!

    Yuck! That would drive me crazy, too. I'd be tempted to fasten a towel around his neck so it covers his chest if he insists on doing that. At least, it can be changed repeatedly and he's not "wearing" it.

    Fortunately, when my difficult child is sick she becomes a temporary easy child. So, I've had a pretty nice 11 days. :tongue:
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    I am sorry. Since this is probably pneumonia he should have the pneumonia vaccine once he is well. It lasts for 3 years but only covers bacterial pneumonia. You can still get viral pneumonia but it usually isn't as bad if you have had the vaccine.

    Yuck is all I can say to the difficult child behaviors.
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    A number of different things can cause pneumonia. I would also consider whooping cough - the chest pain (I cracked a rib firm coughing, that caused chest pain) is typical. I also began with pleurisy and a hint of pneumonia. husband didn't have the pleusiy & pneumonia with whooping cough though. However, the amount of gunk you cough up with whooping cough is extraordinary. A suggestion (still gross) - get him a pathology specimen cup and get him to collect his mucus, tell him you're going to take it to the doctor to get it tested.

    As his chest gets more painful, he may have less success in coughing up the mucus. So the problem from that side may ease. Of course, it becomes a worry for other reasons though.

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    husband took difficult child to the pediatrician today. He said his lungs sound pretty good but he could still hear difficult child hacking away. He wants him to stay home 1 or 2 more days. I'm crossing my fingers for 1 as I don't have a lot of sick days!
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    I hope the rest of you don't catch this either! Hang in there... hope he's better soon.