difficult child and the cat

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by maxeygirls, Feb 23, 2010.

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    difficult child is insanely hyper today and up to no good. It has taken me all day just to get half dressed for my run and now it's dinner time. Anyways, while I was attempting to change clothes, difficult child had to go potty so I paused to open her bathroom door for her. She decided instead to flush a washcloth and flood the bathroom :sick:. While I was getting a diaper for her, still half dressed, she grabbed a cat, stood over him and PEED on him! :surprise: She even told him she was peeing on him!
    Needless to say poor kitty was quite confused. Poor kitty cat! Good thing he tolerates baths well enough.
    Just thought someone else might get a chuckle out of this, Im still trying to clean up from the disasters so I'll laugh later... like next year.
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    You have your hands full.

    I have a half smile on my face, because I do see the humor, but it's a sad smile because I also understand the horribleness of this.

    Glad the cat tolerates baths well...