difficult child back into the world??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Apr 8, 2011.

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    well, difficult child is slowly entering back into the "kid" world...... through facebook it started. yea it looks like we are staying in this neighborhood right now. she reconnected with a kid she liked about two weeks ago.

    i'm just taking it day by day. yet the kids are rough! so, a few kids from school friend requested her. she was soo excited. yet i've been working with her to navigate her way through their endless questions etc.

    one girl who she doesn't know a friend of a friend, had the nerve to post on her wall so i heard you were afraid to eat and thats' how you got sick ?? sheesh.......

    so we deleted that post, she emailed the girl and told her she had heart problems. the therapist told her it's up to you how you want to handle it. it isnt' lying, it's up to your discretion and saying that isnt' truly a lie you did have heart problems.

    so, this one girl just keeps going and going on and on lol. i told difficult child listen this is a much easier way for you to begin the process while your here at home via facebook, because it'll give you the opporunity to think about your responses and to give you the confidence you need to re enter that building again one day.

    not a bad idea i thought. so she friend requested a few girls that she'd never friend request before. girls she thought were "talking" about her when she did go to school. they probably weren't that is her paranoia. i said you got a chance here to reinvent yourself to an extent.

    if your afraid of a particular kid and a social situation do it, dont' hesitate. do it on facebook, safer that way i thought...... so now her little phone's buzzing with a few kids texting her and she's getting very excited and revved up too not sure how good that is!

    tmrw we start her exercise plan, i told her it's a healthy thing to do. plus nearly 135 now isn't healthy.
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    Hope she's able to finally make more friends.
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    Using this as a tool to help teach her how to communicate is a good idea.

    My caution to you would be to make sure that you are seeing EVERY text and post that difficult child receives. Cyberbullying as well and text bullying is the easiest way for kids to get to each other since kids tend not to tell their parents what is going on. Many times the vulnerable kids (such as your difficult child so eager to find a friend) do not recognize the meaness in a communication or request until they have been hurt so much it breaks them.

    As long as she allows you to see EVERYTHING coming in so that you can help guide her through the responses and teach her to block anyone with a mean intention, this may just work.

    I am sure you have already considered this and are already on this! :)
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    guess what she's going to the movies on sunday with-an old friend and the old friends' new friend. shocking!! here's hoping it goes well......