difficult child blew my mind.

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    I can't even imagine a easy child at her age doing what she did. We went to WalMart and she wanted to walk next to the cart, ok I can handle that even if I have to chase her down it'll help her burn off energy. Although I'm prior service military and my husband is overseas I never miss a chance to thank someone who has served. Hat, patch on a jacket, dog tags, t-shirt, they all get a handshake and a thank you.
    Tonight difficult child truly shocked me. I almost cried. She knows cadences, unit patches and the differences between uniforms but for her to recognize a patch in color on a hat and not on a uniform was a surprise. What was more surprising was when she walked away from me very calmly and approached a man wearing a hat with the 82nd Airborne patch. My little 3 year old difficult child, wearing a nightgown with monkeys in raincoats, slippers and pigtails walked right up to this 6'2" man, stuck out her hand and thanked him. He just stared at her in shock, as did I. I just...wow. I don't think I know many adults with the courage to walk up to total strangers and thank them just because of their hat.
    Once she was done she returned to my side instantly and asked in her limited speech if she had been good enough to get the $5 toy golf set I'd promised if she helped me shop.
    I don't think even saying I'm proud of her can come close to what I feel.
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    Wow! That story just warmed my heart in a really big way. You must be really proud of her. :)
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    Way To Go, difficult child! You're making us proud.
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    Oh my! This is really cool.
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    That's very honorable!!