difficult child did well today

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    He loves high school- knows a lot of people already and these seem to be boys that were not great, but the better ones from the neighborhood. He did some homework during study hall today and said he could do the rest in school tomorrow but since "I wanted him to, he'd go ahead and do it tonight". That's what he's doing now. He apologized for talking to me the way he did. I had to run to the store, took him with me, he banged his head HARD on a sign that didn't meet code and will surely have at least a big bruise if not a goose-egg tomorrow. difficult child brought home a form for me to sign to allow him to go on a field trip in Apr with JROTC. I think it will be good for him, so I signed. I thought about witholding it as punishment, but psychiatrist told me once to never use the constructive things we WANT them to do as punishments. At this point, all I can hope for is that freedom and mainstream and a possibility for a real future become too important to him to risk.

    I found a community meeting scheduled for next week about why teens shouldn't use alcohol. difficult child doesn't know it yet, but I think we will be attending. Apparently, they split the kids and parents up and the kids get a program about why they should stay away from alcohol (as if difficult child doesn't have enough reason already) and the parents get a program about how to host and encourage social events for teens that are fun, but alcohol free. It might not achive anything but I figure it can't hurt. There isn't a lot I know to do for repercussions- he's on house arrest by the PO so grounding him is a moot point. I can work his rear off this weekend, I guess. I have pulled him off XBOX privileges- any other suggestions?

    The PO never returned my call- I assume that means he wants me to deal with the mentor- that is really a very attentive PO apparently. The mentor and his super are supposed to be here Fri.
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    I'm glad he had a good day and that alcohol class sounds good, definitely well timed :) Keep us in the loop girl. We are all pulling for both of you. Much love and hugs, ML
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    Thanks, ML! The PO just called me back from Tues. I told him the good news and the bad news- about difficult child's violation. He actually said he was fine with the way I had handled things and said for me to tell difficult child that I HAD discussed this with him and he (the PO) was letting me handle this one but if it happens again, he will need to discuss other ways to address it. I told him about the program I want to take difficult child to next week and he said we could tell difficult child this was the way we chose to deal with this. He also said he's hoping these good things starting in difficult child's life become real important to him quickly so that he sees they outweigh his desire to go out and do stupid things.