difficult child found and advocate in fellow teammate

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    Hey Peeps:

    difficult child found support in odd way yestarday. He is out of district but returns to the high school after schol adn plays freshman baseball.

    As he tells, he was rounding third to score and the opposign team's catcher was blockign the plate.. He couldn't slow down so he did a pop up slide and knocked into the catcher. The catcher then pushed him back. He returned to the bench but was a liitle annoyed an a little verbal. The game continued to be very physiacal for all.

    On the bus returning home, the coach told difficult child that it was good that he maintained his composure but next time to hit him back harder....

    Now after all that, here comes the cool(kinda) part.

    Another player yells out, "Coach, he can't do that he; he's trying to come to the high school next year."

    I hope that kind of support from his peers continues.
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  2. Shari

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    That's AWESOME!

    It never ceases to amaze me where you will find buth un-supportive and supportive people. Kudos to this player!
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    Aw, neat!

    by the way, it's against the rules to block the plate.
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    aw that is cool. thanks for sharing that!