difficult child got invited back!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Oct 27, 2009.

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    So a couple weekends ago difficult child went to a friend's house for the afternoon and then to McDonalds and church with the family. Had a good time, seemed to do well.

    He got invited to go to the friend's birthday celebration tommorrow after school. The mom is picking several of the boys up and they are going to Red Robin's for dessert and then to the friend's new house (he is moving but will still be in the same school).

    So a. He has a friend. b. He got invited to friend's house. and for the best part c. He got invited back.

    He had a therapy appointment tommorrow and I asked him if he wanted to cancel it and he said yes. You bet your bottom dollar I cancelled the appointment and left therapist a voice mail explaining why. She has always said that stuff like this is more important to difficult child than her visits.

    He is so excited.
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    That is fabulous!!!!!!!! Our difficult children struggle so much with friendship and social issues. Hope difficult child has a great time!

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    I am happy for your difficult child! :D Its wonderful!
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    That's great news to hear!!!! Good for him!!!
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    :beautifulthing: So COMPLETELY understand your joyful feelings over this! I hope the friendship "takes" and continues to grow for him!
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    Ok, now this was amazing. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the friend's mom said that she likes having difficult child come over because he is so polite, nice and helpful. Said he is a good influence on her son.

    I said thank you, I was seriously at a loss for words. This is the child who last year the parents at his school did not want their kids to be with him (meaning my difficult child) as he had such a reputation.

    Wow. I am amazed
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    Well, I'm not surprised! difficult child is a great kid... just ask his board aunties. :winks:
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    Posts like this just warm my heart:)
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    It sounds like this new school was a perfect fit for difficult child. He seems to be thriving there.
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    I'm so happy for him (and YOU)!
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    I haven't had a chance to get on the board much, but I just read this and it makes me SO happy!
    I love reading that one of our own is doing well, especially in the social skills dept.
    Bravo to the both of you!