difficult child had manic swing, hit little sister several times

Breathing deeply now... I got 11 yo difficult child with bipolar calm. She is taking a bath now (her safe place).

I made the mistake of taking the girls to Target as a special treat to pick up some doll clothing. difficult child tried to escalate purchase to something much bigger, and I refused. Began the episode in the store. Became very angry in car, threw box at me (dang, it hurt!). Hit 9 year old sister. Got home, and she began throwing furniture, shoes, etc... Then she hit little sister, so I sent sister to friend/neighbor's home.

I am just SO so tired. Second manic swing in a week. She misses her dad (who is away on a six month trip for work), and I am having health problems myself (high blood pressure, a-fib, chronic migraine, and benign adenoma on pituitary).

Everyone tells me, "take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids," but how in the heck can I do that when every single day is not just a challenge, but a full-on battle???

Little sister has told me she is so so sad about all of this. difficult child is BEASTLY to her.


Maybe I just needed to vent a bit. It has been a long time since I've posted.

Wow, this is an incoherent, rambling message.


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Its really tough to have two kids and one of you... because sometimes you just have to separate the kids. Good you have a neighbor that little sis can go to.

Do you get any respite care? anyone who can take over your older daughter for a few hours so you can focus on YOU and/or little sis?

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Sending in more support and hugs your way. I can hear the exhaustion in your writing. It brings back so many memories (still have some days but not like before). It is so important to take care of yourself but I understand the difficulty when each day is such a battle and with your husband being out of town for 6 months.

Do you have anyone who can give you a break? Is she a danger where you think she may need hospitalization? Sad as it may sound some of my respite came when my difficult child was hospitalized.


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Is there anyone around who can help you? With your husband away for a six month trip you need assistance. If she misses her dad can she Skype with him so she can see him and talk with him?

I can hear how tired you are.
Thank you everyone. It has been a few weeks since I logged in. Sleep has been improving, although I did have to seek out aid from my physician. I am very thankful for lunesta... I have even slept through some seriously booming tornado-alley thunderstorms!