difficult child has agreed to go to rehab

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by PatriotsGirl, Oct 16, 2012.

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    She had called me on Sunday asking if I would take her to the prison to see A hole. Um, NO. Never. Not going to happen. I think she knew that but wanted to throw it out there just in case.

    Last night she texted me that if I will take her to say goodbye to him, she will go to rehab - any rehab of MY choice. DEAL!!!

    I will take her to say goodbye to him if it means she will finally get help. Of course, I won't be taking her until I have secured a bed somewhere. :)

    I need to find a place that will take insurance or is affordable and has payment plans at least. I know we cannot give names, but if anyone could PM some names of places to call into, I would really appreciate it!!!! Thank you!!!!
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    PG that is the best news I've heard in a long time! You will be a busy lady today making your calls. I know how imperative it is to have a place ready immediately so there is no backing out. Right from her jail visit to rehab.

    I know this is the call you've been waiting for. You must be so relieved

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    I would be, but I am worried about getting my hopes up for nothing again. Though, this is not sudden, she has been kicking the rehab idea around for a while now which is why I told husband I want to jump on it while we can. He rolled his eyes over the bringing her to see A hole for it, but small price to pay in my opinion. I did text her this morning because I have a couple of places that I want to call, but I want to ensure she is still serious about this before I spend my day making phone calls..

    I know we are not supposed to name places, but I found a Saint Judes Recovery Center - I figure that is a well known name. I would like to call there...it is a long program - which is what I like, and has sober living after and everything. Though it is right here in our state and I think I may be better off sending her out of state.

    I have waited for this for so long and what a gift it would be to have her in recovery over the holidays - best gift I could ask for. But again, I am being cautious....she could have just been desperate last night and things may change today...
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    PG, keeping my fingers crossed...........I'm glad to hear this, you must be breathing a sigh of such relief. (((HUGS))))
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    I hear you PG. A long program is necessary with serious,aftercare. Yes you have to jump on it even with your reservations. We try to protect our hearts but anytime they agree to rehab is huge.

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    I hope this is genuine, and in my opinion as long as you get her to the rehab, that's a huge accomplishment. It must be a scary step for her, too. I'm sure she wants A-hole's blessing. My major concern is, what do you think A-hole will say when she visits him and tells him, "OK, bye, I'm off to rehab." What if a-hole for whatever reason, discourages her? Do you think she will back out? No matter what, I'd reiterate that she's GOT to do this for HERSELF, whether he approves or not. His incarceration, or possible disapproval should have no bearing on her getting herself clean and claiming a life. Fingers crossed that St. Jude's has room available and that a-hole is supportive and wants to straighten his life out, too.
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    CJ - when I have talked to him in the past via text, he always seemed to want her to get help - said he begged, pleaded, etc and she wouldn't go. I know it was because she did not want to be away from him. But, now that he is locked up with no clue when he will get out, she has no options left. So I think this may be great timing...

    I talked to her and she has still agreed. I found a place that takes our insurance that I talked to frequently when she was an adolescent. They have an adult program, too. The lady I spoke with said she won't know until noon if they have a space available but we can go down there and start the admissions process at least. If they don't have a bed I am thinking I may stick her in one of the hospital programs until one opens up. I am eager now to strike while I can...
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    I don't like the deal making part of this... but my hope is she is serious about rehab but also know that you want it for her and so is taking advantage of the chance to have you drive her to see Mr. Ahole.

    I agree you need to do it while she is willing and take advantage of that fact, and you will have her in the car on the way back... and definitely she needs to go on her way back otherwise she may back out.

    And a part of me can totally understand her need to visit him before she goes... to say goodbye, to feel some kind of closure for now, to let him know she loves him whatever..... it just feels better when things are not left hanging.

    How long is he in for? I cant remember.

    Really hoping this works out for her (and you).

  10. PatriotsGirl

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    I have her in my possession. She looks so healthy. Healthier than I have seen in so long. She says she has detoxed and she definitely looks it. We will be heading to the center shortly....here is hoping they have a spot!!
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    Sending prayers and lots of board ju ju that there is spot for her!!!
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    Sending my prayers and my support and lots of warm friendship and positive thoughts. Please let us know how it goes and if we can help in any way.

    So hopeful for you
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    I hope it works. I am worried she will back out after you take her to the jail to visit the boyfriend. However, nothing ventured nothing gained so I would give it a try.
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    I'm glad she looks good, that's a relief. I so hope this is for real! Good luck and hugs 2 you and difficult child...I'm squeezing your hand from afar and wish success for her and likewise for all of our kids.
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    We are here and they just took her back for an assessment. My fear is there won't be a space. There are three other young ladies here, too...
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    Let's hope that they find a spot for her somehow, someway. Good job Mom!

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    And what do you do if there isn't a space? Like they won't change their minds if they have to wait? What do I do??
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    I had the exact same concern that you do. I think all you can do is be ready. When my son agreed to go into rehab - I went into action - made the arrangements - and waited for the call that a spot was available (that call came about 3 days later). I did not discuss the details of the arrangements with my son as I didn't want to give him anything to think about that could change his mind (less is more in this case). The moment I received the call - I left work (ran was more like it) - went to pick-up my son - walked in the house - and gave him 15 minutes to get some clothes together - drove to the treatment center & prayed they would admit him (which they did). As soon as I had my son on the waiting list, I made sure I always had plenty of gas in the car and my checkbook & some cash on me. Be ready...that's all you can do.
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    Are you saying there is no spot? Do you have a Plan B? Can they recommend another facility? Is there a detox center she can go to until a bed opens?