difficult child has friends!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tictoc, Sep 16, 2009.

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    I am so happy to report that Bug has made friends at school! Last year (in K) he knew that the kids were not responding well to him and he never made a real friend in his class, but he is doing so much better this year. He still has a "modified day" and leaves after noon recess, so I get to watch him at recess from afar when I pick him up. It is just amazing! He has made two good friends and has a whole crowd of friends who play with him at recess. His aide and social skills teacher are as surprised and thrilled as I am. Bug is noticing the difference with the kids this year, too, and his self-esteem has really improved in the past month.
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    Yeah..... go BUG!
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    That's wonderful news! I hope he is able to sustain the stability so he can continue to grow in this area. :) It is so heartwarming to see our kids have some social successes when it's been a struggle in the past.
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    YAY! I remember when difficult child made his first real friend. Some of the kids he calls friends are users who only like him for what he has and some of the kids he calls friends only want to be around him to pick on him later, But he does have a couple of kids I would call real friends (one of which I wish wasn't because he's Trouble, but I just keep them at our house when they're together).
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    Great news!!